Friday, August 9, 2013

Socially Liberal and Fiscal Conservative...what does this mean?

I had another person tell me that they were "socially liberal and fiscally conservative" and thought: isn't that a libertarian  That's what I am. Well, no, not exactly. Mark America laid it out better than I could after careful consideration here:

The Fantastic Delusion of Fiscal Conservatism Absent Social Conservatism

And here's a point that narrows it down to the bare bones: "One simply cannot be both an actual fiscal conservative and an adherent of a liberal social agenda.  The latter cancels out the former, in the same fashion anti-matter annihilates matter.  The two cannot share the same space.  Translated, their proposition suggests approximately that while one is concerned with the fiscal condition of the country, one need not be concerned in the least with the fiscal costs of one’s social advocacy."

So in other words, you can't be both. You can be a libertarian where people can do whatever they want, so long as it doesn't conflict with your own freedom or cost you anything. But these Socially Liberal idiots are the ones that vote for Obamacare, are breaking the back of Social Security, and vote for higher taxes on the rich. To their credit, they might be fiscally conservative with their own money. But I doubt it. Ask them their balance on their credit cards, or if they live paycheck to paycheck and wait for a sob story.