Tuesday, December 31, 2013

EPA forces APS to shutdown units...jobs go down and power rates rise

Thanks Obama:


APS has to raise it's rates, it has fewer resources now and will have to use more expensive methods to generate electricity. Who do the boobs who are dumb enough to pay for the Arizona Repugnant and make comments on the comment page blame for this? The power company of course. And the shutdown comes on the Indian reservation where the unemployment rate is already 50%.

But Earthjustice attorney Suma Peesepati says,"The closure is a great way to begin 2014."

Too bad we can't get Suma to crap some jobs and power out of her huge ass:


She also has a BA in French Literature, speaking of crap. Real contribution to society, that. It gets better. Apparently  Suma came down here from Canada. So, first her family has to immigrate from some Socialist nightmare in Asia to Canada. Then, she leaves Socialist Canada and comes down here to crap up the place. So tell me Suma, after you and your fellow Marxists get done making Amerika, where will you go then?

Do us all a favor, and leave now. We have enough French Literature reading, Earthjustice leaning, Marxist turds sucking money out of our bank accounts and going down to Antarctica to get stuck in some ice trying to prove the ice sheets are melting. Oh, that's the Australian Marxists turds, isn't it?

What's the difference?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Jackson Browne...I am a patriot

I like Jackson Browne's music, and its held up well over time. There was a time in the 80's where Browne, like the other idiot artists and media types protested against the best president we had for the latter half of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan. Browne came under criticism for his whining and did a cover of the Van Zandt song, "I am a Patriot."

This may be a little late, but I'd like to say something to Jackson Browne.

You are no patriot.

Pat Tillman was a patriot. Jimmy Stewart was a patriot. Ronald Reagan who tried to serve but was blocked because of his eyesight was a patriot.

You Jackson Browne, might be a good singer, but you are no Pat Tillman. You and your ilk aren't fit to clean his cat's litter box. Just the patriotic runoff from it would make you explode like holy water hitting a vampire. You just hang out with Hanoi Jane and the rest of them, sit around in your mansions, and bad mouth your country. Which you shouldn't be afforded the right to live in, but we have to put up with your crap for now because the patriots, through the goodness of their heart ALLOW you little turds to live here.

One of these days, the patriots who just got their benefits cut (by your ilk) are going to get tired of you little turds, and crap them out onto Cuba, South America, and the various other Socialist dumps who you shill for.

Then you can talk bad about the patriots.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking at Arizona Political blogs, a tour of mediocrity

But are there any good local political blogs? I think not. The Washington Compost (hat tip for that name, Mark Levin) recommends Blog for Arizona, which for me is like a stock tip from Bernie Madoff.

There's a Donkey on that site, maybe he couldn't find a picture of a horses ass. The first article I saw was No, Obamacare is not in a death spiral. Maybe its a death race between Obamacare or the government, or maybe Obamacare will take down the feds. If Obamacare takes out the fed government, would that be a death spiral or a life spiral? For the people of the US. Blog for Arizona, or maybe I'll call it Blog for Arizona Marxists says that: A majority of Americans says “providing access to affordable health care coverage for all Americans is the responsibility of the federal government,” by 54-43. 

Then he's got a bunch of other crap from this poll, from the New York Slimes, and CBS, the Communist Broadcasting System. Apparently they put this poll together from calling their own staffs and asking their opinions. Like all Marxists, Blog for Arizona Marxists had to dig deep to find a bright spot in the Socialist Utopian nightmare that is literally making people desperate. I don't know what an opinion poll has to do with whether this plan is a good plan or not, but Donkey Marxist doesn't care about things like that. If he did he wouldn't be a Marxists now would he? He'd believe in the concept of limited government that the founding fathers started this country with. Luckily, that idea will survive. Big government socialism? We know where that always ends. Show me one that has survived in the long term. Just one. 

But I have to thank Blog for Arizona Marxist for giving me material to bag on. As Shrek said, "Thanks Donkey!"
And since we're citing polls, I wonder how all those idiots in the polls can be saying that, and also saying that Big Government is our greatest threat:


Somebody's poll is crap. I'm guessing it's the New York Slimes poll. Much like their newspaper.
Then we have this other blog, the Hamer Times. Hamer is President of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This translates to crony capitalism in actions, if not words. And this entry, proves that he's a crony capitalist:


Where he agrees with the Arizona Repugnant on a new study needed to attract Mexican Tourists. Seems to me we don't have a problem attracting Mexican Tourists to this state. Getting them to go home now, that's a problem. Getting them to stop stealing crap out of my garage (just got ripped off last week by two "Mexican Tourists") is a problem. 

So Hamer is a wash. We'll label him a Neo-statist crony capitalist. But, hey, better than a Marxist.

Then we have Arizona Eagletarian, who is an Egalitarian  Get it? Eagletarian, Egalitarian  Clever or what? Brilliant baby! He must have learned that in law school. And what exactly is an egalatarian. Wikipedia says that its a trend of thought that favors equality for all people. It also says that Milton Friedman embraced Egalitarianism which is a total falsehood. Milton Friedman specifically stated on a number of occasions that when you strive for equality at the expense of liberty then you will have neither. History bears this out with many examples of failed forced equality in Socialist governments. And make no mistake, Arizona Eagletarian is a Socialist, look at his blogroll; Arizona House Democrats, Democratic Diva, Blah blah Socialist this, Blah blah Socialist that. 

Of course he's a Marxist, but he'll never say that. No, no, He's an Egalitarian!  He wants to redistrict Arizona. For equality you see. Not so the Democrats can stack the deck with Marxists who know what's good for you. 

I'll continue the march of mediocrity later, I need to go vomit after reading this stuff.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

EJ Morontini of the Repugnant...getting it wrong. Almost always

I recently watched a video of EJ Montini, longtime Marxist columnist for the Arizona Republic where he endeavors to 'make the state go in the right direction.'  Or the left direction. I forget which. By the right direction he means the way of North Korea, Cuba, and don't forget the latest: Venezuela. We're not quite there yet, in Caracas they're jailing retail managers and looting their stores. But until we reach that happy point where Morontini is digging through garbage cans to look for food, right now all he has to bitch about is  HB2593 a bill which raises campaign contributions.


Why the hell do we have bills limiting campaign contributions at all? So one majority party doesn't get control of media assets for campaigns? Kinda like Morontini and his jackass liberal stooges in the media have control over the process now. 95% of those turds are leftists, if you haven't noticed. They're the ones that are cheer leading Obama right now, along with Reid and Pelosi as they take the country over a fiscal cliff of hyperinflation.

So, Morontini is saying "...we lose again," with the passage of  HB2593. By 'we' he means Castro, Stalin, Obama, himself, his Marxist liberal idiots in the media who have never lived under the boot of Socialism, but they're making it happen here. Chipping away at the freedoms in the Constitution, changing the name of Socialism to Progressivism, telling the two paying readers of the Republic left, that they're losing.

But we've already lost a huge amount of our freedoms by people listening to Morontini and his ilk. One of the freedoms is the amount we contribute to a candidate. The right to have a phone call without it being listened in on by the NSA (it's for your own good you know). The right to get on an airplane without seeing an 80 year old woman or a six year old girl fondled by a jack booted thug. OK, they look more like fat lesbian dwarves than Nazis in many cases, but you get my meaning.

So, Morontini, no Socialism for you today. Keep writing, you may still get it before the Repugnant is sold for a dollar. Tell me where you're printing your column when the Repugnant succumbs to the freedom of the people of Arizona.  The freedom equating to no one buying your rag. Then you'll truly have your 'equality.'

Just another blog.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Repugnant: Rich Schools get Richer

Schilling for Marxism again, what a shocker. The Arizona Republic today is screaming how a tax-credit program is helping rich Arizona schools get richer:


Do you know how much of your state tax dollars in Arizona go to the schools and universities? Take a guess. Ten percent? Twenty percent? Thirty?

Try a whopping 50%. Don't believe me? Here it is:


Hard to believe, isn't it? And that's just the state tax money, following the money trails for the public schools in Arizona is pretty hard.

And that's the way they want it.

Get quite a bit for our money don't we? And in typical Socialist fashion, you get to pay the same taxes for education if you are childless as the guy down the street with ten kids. If he pays taxes. Which he doesn't, because he has ten kids. And if you make more money, you pay a higher percentage.

They call that tax system Progressive. And the Socialists call themselves progressive. If you want to retry socialism, and we know that socialism has failed for every society that has tried it, shouldn't it be called regressive? Or maybe Progressive is short for Passive-Regressive.Cause they're kind of passive aggressive regressives over there at the Republic, aren't they?

I've seen the argument that it is for society's benefit whether you are childless or not to promote an education system. That might be true if we had an education system, which we don't. The public cesspools of the Phoenix School system where I live are rife with drugs, knives, and kids that can't read. If I had a kid, I couldn't send him to Camelback High School where I went, he'd be stabbed, shot, and run over, probably with weapons and cars made in the school's shops:


And the Repugnant wants to redistribute the wealth to the that environment and to administrators of our public schools so they can line their pockets with per diem:


Or sell drugs. If they teach kindergarten.


Oddly enough, the Republic seems to have missed out on that news. But they miss out on most news that doesn't make their socialist bullshit palatable. Ya know, if you don't print it, it's like it didn't happen. And we had to get that info from the New Times, a publication whose "Progressivism" would make Stalin blush. The one thing that they depend on is covering up the news, or distorting it.

Socialism, while it appeals to a person's compassion, cannot in reality exist or grow in a society where politicians and the media are virtuous.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Once more, the Arizona Repugnant gets it wrong on how to fix CPS

Just fire the Director, that'll fix everything:


Ya know, it's funny. I don't remember the Republic demanding the firing of Sebellus with the disastrous Obamacare roll out. But this will fix forty years of apathy and incompetence at CPS. Just fire the director. Oh, and throw more money at it. And don't forget to throw more worthless liberal think tank studies at it. And fill it full of morons that majored in government bullshit in college, or worse; Women's Studies. Maybe you can get one of those morons that paid 150k for a worthless masters in Woman's Studies at Columbia. I hear there's a whole passel of those horse's asses that need a job.

Go figure.

By the way, in case anybody thinks I pay for that rag, let me put those thoughts to rest. I don't pay jack to jibe at the idiotic Obama praetorian guard Marxist Democrat party sycophantic ass kissing crap printed in the Arizona Republic. Everything ranted on here is free stuff. I wouldn't give them a wooden nickel to keep their shitty newspaper on life support for one more minute. Actually they should pay people to read it, which would be in line with their socialist view of how to run a business. Weird that that business model never seems to work out, except for NPR, and part of the US Auto Industry. Maybe the Repugnant can get their paying readers (both of them) to pitch it to the Marxists we have in the Arizona State Legislature. You know, the ones that signed us up for that Obamacare disaster along with that idiot Jan Brewer who should have made her Botox appointment instead of mustering the votes needed to sink the state's budget with the calamity of Obamacare.

No offense.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Arizona Repugnant Trashes Border Patrol Agents, forgets about Obama's defacto amnesty order to them

The Arizona Republic's Marxist Morons are at it again:


Whining and crying about the Border Patrol shooting at the criminals that are crossing the border illegally, drugs and all. Where is the investigation about the defacto amnesty that Obama has ordered, effectively breaking his oath of office and selectively enforcing the laws of the United States?


Oh, wait! There aren't any of those investigations. Where are the investigations of the worthless state agencies that the "journalists" at the Repugnant are supposed to cover. Except for the occasional piece on the unbelievable screwed up CPS, the sounds of crickets chirping into the night reigns over at the Republic as they blissfully ignore any and all wrongdoing locally (unless it's by law enforcement or the military) because here at the Republic we're for big government, and big government at all levels has to be good. If it's not good, then how can we be for it. Wasn't that a Pink Floyd song or something?

The only redeeming feature of the article is in the comments section where online users are hammering away at the Repugnant's 'investigation.' Except for the two liberal readers who still subscribe to that piece of liberal talking points crap, everyone pretty much is waiting for their demise. Maybe I can buy it for a dollar, like that other libtard publication sold for...what were they called?

 Gee, I've forgotten them.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Arizona Repugnant laments city of Glendale's Fiscal Woes, after cheerleading them into bankruptcy

But what do you expect of the Marxists over at the Arizona Republic. First they cheer that big government  idiot (Moderate if you're a Republic writer) McCain for taking on the Goldwater Institute. All the Goldwater Institute was trying to do was force some fiscal sanity on the situation. But what do you expect from a paper that's going broke itself?


Now they're all like, "Woe is Glendale for making stupid sports decisions like the Coyotes."


The only bright spot in that whole fiasco is while people might still live in Glendale if it goes broke, no one is going to have to read that crappy newspaper if it goes broke. But maybe they can rent out the building as low income housing to a bunch of socialistic out of work former Republic columnists. I understand they're going to be a little short of cash soon.Too bad they can't put John McCain there with them, and call the place a 'Moderate' living facility for RINOs.

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe speaking the gospel on education, hard work, and career common sense

The Democrats hate this kind of talk...their precious campuses, full of future members of the proletariat are collapsing under the weight of loan debt and unworkable utopianism. Rowe speaks the hard facts about the value of blue collar work, facts that Socialists hate.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fast food workers strike, Americans yawn and buy frozen gourmet pizza

Or maybe they're not fast food workers. Fox says most of them didn't come from fast food restaurants:


 Note to fast food, or any other minimum wage workers: You are about 3-5 years away from being replaced by McRobots.

My advice is, don't speed up the process. Here's something you can't replace with a McRobot:

Not yet anyway. If you could the human race would die out.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

HOT and NOT: Conservative Beauties vs Statist Trolls

God, even their women are wrong. Wrong looking, that is. But what's an Omega Democrat born loser to do? No decent looking woman is going to let you into her bed if you're a man who runs away at the first sign of a fight.

So you're stuck with one of these buffaloes.

All the long haired men and short haired women as Heinlein use to say, ugliness on parade.  And if you want to see the horrid outcome of those unions just google "Chelsea Clinton." Or go over to CNN or MSNBC.