Monday, January 27, 2014

More sophmoronic analysis from the Arizona Republic

The Repugnant is at it again:

The latest socialist effort is to try and distract from the disastrous Obamacare rollout, the NSA scandals, and Bengazi is to 'report' on the effort by socialists to  increase the minimum wage for the three percent of Americans that still have a minimum wage job. That will fix everything. Well, that will actually fix nothing but we have to do something with this huge behemoth of a government don't we!!!??? WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THE POOR!!!???

In not one instance has the Repugnant addressed the issue of create a stable non-cronyistic capitalist environment by reducing government and letting the engines of the free market create jobs for the poor. Almost no one in the media advocates for free markets and limited government. Maybe Ronald McDonald Hansen of the Repugnant should think about using a different approach than his socialist class warfare rheteric. But that's all they know, that's all they do. Hansen laughable claims that raising the minimum wage in 1939 brought the economy up. Luckily the subscribers to the Repugnant are as ignorant about history as the 'Reporters.' I don't pay for their rag, the only reason I would, would be to mock it. But that I can do for free.

Just today Mark Levin played a tape of that other Marxist, Chuck Schumer extolling the virtues of government, the building of roads and airports. Actually Chuckster, private contractors built those after the government took out a generous chunk of the taxes for themselves and rewarded the contracts to their political buddies. But don't let the facts get in the way of your praise of government. I forgot the clause in the Constitution that states: "Just like Chuck says,  a big, detached, efficiency-free government staffed with pimples on the ass of America is the answer to that age-old question: how do we build this airport?" Forget about the socialist government currency collapses going on right now in South America:

Oddly enough, none of this news is up from on the Repugnant's website. We like to keep the bad new on our Socialist Utopian paradigm buried. Along with the bodies, and the historic failures. But don't worry, if the conservatives take the presidency again, we'll report on U,S, Government failures again. On the front page.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Arizona Repugnant casting same old lie that internet sales are killing brick and mortar establishments

The crap-piece is here:

Where they're whining about Macy's closing it's Fiesta Mall location and quote Mesa Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh's whine about no tax internet sales killing brick and mortar businesses. I have two things to say about the idiot that said it, and the idiots at the Republic that repeat it:

1) Our idiot governor IS assessing taxes on internet sales through Amazon so the state can pay for our worthless CPS agency, public non-education where we can't send our kids or they'll get knifed, and other nefarious and worthless endeavors. Thanks for that little gift Jan.

2) Macy' sand everyone else has left Fiesta Mall, because Fiesta Mall (and Metrocenter too) are in the ghetto, not because of Nobody wants to get shot while buying a pair of shoes. And ghetto rats steal shoes, they don't buy them. Whenever we go to Chandler Fashion mall or one of the non-ghetto rat malls they're packed. We can't even find a damn parking spot. So my suggestion to that idiot Kavanaugh and the Repugnant is, if you want vibrant shopping in your area I suggest you take steps to not let it go ghetto. Just a suggestion.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Arizona Repugnant shills for unemployed...uses case of an out of work school bus driver felon

Here's the article:

The example used, 56 year old Margaret Turner has a felony record on the Maricopa Superior Court website, a conviction for aggravated assault. The victim is a 15 year old girl. Maybe that's why Margaret is sleeping in her car. Do you want your tax dollars given to this idiot for unemployment? Do you want her around your kids?

Good job Republic writer Ronald Hansen. Ummm BOP! I really feel for the cause.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When a Democrat loses Jimmy Kimmel....

...their in big trouble.

Brewer scraps CPS, channel 12 idiots want old worthless CPS workers to keep their job

Stories here:

And here are the main stream media idiots asking about whether the CPS idiots will keep their jobs:

No mention of whether the workers should be fired if they're the incompetent morons that caused the problems. If they do keep them, surprise, there will be no changes at the new agency. Crap in = Crap out. Of course they quote a democrat moron (State Rep. Debbie McCune) with the same old Socialist spiel that they didn't have enough money. Oddly enough, Rep McCune has a BS in Sociology, and has a history of being a community relations specialist. Sound familiar?

Who is this Rep. McCune, that channel 12 interviewed? She has been a career politician in Arizona since 1979, so she has been around for almost the entire thirty years of CPS tomfoolery and the best thing she can come up with, is "they didn't have enough money." Me thinks we need to start talking about term limits in Arizona.

Here's a summary of Rep. McCune's Goldwater Institute 2013 scores:
Education: D+
Constitutional Government: F+
Tax and Budget: C

No wonder she picked sociology as a major. Electrical Engineering is out.

Rep McCune has won another prize: the Goldwater Institute's prize for being in the bottom five. Congrats! Perhaps you belong somewhere else. I suggest you go back to Pennsylvania. Or go north to Canada.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AFP Posts ad on Ron Barber and Obamacare

Another idiot Democrat that supports Obamacare is back pedaling, we need him to back pedal out of his congressional seat:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Maricopa GOP leadership poised to censure John McCain

About freakin time. He's about one step away from marrying Harry Reid in a same sex wedding:

Oddly enough, his marxist cheerleaders over at the Arizona Repugnant didn't say a thing about it. They're too busy talking about our worthless governor and her state of the state address. Apparently  she won't say if it will be her last. I think her support for Obamacare will take care of her indecision on that issue. The voters will decide for her.