Friday, July 25, 2014

Feminization of the Military and Accompanying Corporate Douchbaggery

 Last week, I was fired from a project by a special kind of corporate douchebag, a retired Air Force officer, who went into the corporate world and immediate knew the game. What is the game you ask? The game in the corporate world, if you work in a dysfunctional corporate atmosphere is hide poor performance, and tell the execs what they want to hear.

This is feminization of the workplace. How so? According to this shitty Wikipedia article:

Feminization of the workplace is operating "with more feminine modes of interaction."

The article also specifically states that "opportunity and redistribution in society overcome economic inequalities and find more balance to combat income inequality, social exclusion and cultural imperialism."

Obviously written by a Marxist who couldn't pass calculus and get an engineering degree. What exactly does this mean, 'more feminine modes of interaction?' From this article:

"1) Use collaborative, cooperative talk to create and maintain relationships. The process of communicating, not it's content, is the heart of relationships."

I agree, this is a feminine mode of interaction. Unfortunately, in a business this equates to a meeting where nothing gets done. And this Air Force trained corporate douchebag would have a team meeting every day where he would ramble on for an hour about nothing that is pertinent, not let anyone else talk, and then wouldn't hang up the god damn phone. To make matters worse, he had just gone through a bad divorce where he got joint custody, so he would call a teleconference from Chucky Cheese's or some other totally inappropriate spot where we could hear kids screaming in the background.

"2) Avoid criticizing, outdoing, or putting others down unless criticism is necessary

Well, you should always avoid criticizing, unless criticism is necessary, shouldn't you. The issue is, is when criticism is necessary, they dance around the issue. Like, when they had issue with my work, they wouldn't criticize it to my face, they would go behind my back. This is the catty shit that some women and corporate douchebags do. As far as the 'avoid putting others down,' goes, that is all these corporate bitches do, for a detailed explanation of this, see my previous article on Ban Bossy.

"3) Pay attention to others, and to relationships; interpret and respond to others feelings sensitively."

This might win you an award on Oprah, but we're supposed to be running a business here. That means you have a job that I give you, and I pay you to do that job. While that job may be complex, and interpersonal relationships need to be maintained, there aren't a lot of job descriptions that say 'interpret and respond to others feelings sensitively. If you saw that on a job description on linkedin or indeed, you would have to be pretty damn desperate to take that job.

What is the environment in the Air Force that created my former corporate douchebag project lead?  According to this article in the Washington Free Beacon, the Air Force Academy just hired some crazy feminist bitch/mangina named Dr. Chris Kilmartin (is that like Pat Kilmartin? I'm not going to make any statements about gender here, cause last time I guessed I got it wrong, hence the bitch/mangina identifier) that makes statements like, "telling a boy that he “throws like a girl” represent “the cultural undercurrent of rape.”

“Calling men and women opposites is like calling an IBM computer the opposite of an Apple"

Well, I know you being a feminist and all, you're about as far from being an engineer as Hitler is from Ghandi, so let me just tell you from a computational standpoint, IBM Computers were just about the opposite of an Apple. And you sir/ma'am, are a complete moron for making that statement since IBM hasn't made personal computers for over ten years. Which is, if you use Moore's law stating that one generation of computers is eighteen months, is the equivalent of six generations.

Let me read from Wikipedia article on the subject, "The term "IBM PC compatible" is not commonly used presently because all current mainstream desktop and laptop computers are based on the PC architecture, and IBM no longer makes PCs"

Yeah, no shit. Try to keep up. Chris. Can I call you Chris? Kind of like the feminist shit that comes out of your mouth, your computer knowledge is way behind the times. Wake up.

Here's a story from


The dust hasn’t settled yet at the troubled Air Force Academy, rocked anew by the latest sex scandal. But already we see that was absolutely “on target” when we predicted (see related story at end of this article) that Commandant of Cadets, Brig. Gen. Taco Gilbert III’s head would be “the first to roll.”
Sure enough, he was “axed” by Air Force Secretary James “Bullfrog” Roche, whose primary aim was to save his own job.
Two female colonels – Debra Gray and Clada Monteith – have become the new vice-commandant and commander of the 34th Training Group at the Air Force Academy.

Also the Air Force Academy used to have a warrior ramp with the words, "Bring Me Men." This was removed and replaced with, "Bring me manginas." Well, not really. But it might as well have been.

Here's another gem about the feminized Air Force from thinking housewife:

Woman Non-Pilot to Command Air Force in the Pacific

"AIR Force Lt. Gen. Lori J. Robinson represents a particularly striking example of military affirmative action. Robinson has been nominated as commanding general of the Air Force’s Pacific operations and for a promotion to four-star general. Robinson is not, however, a military pilot. She will be the first non-pilot to command such a large theater of operations"

According to her wikipedia page she was "command briefer at Headquarters Pacific Air Forces, Deputy Chief of Staff and executive assistant to the Director at the Defense Information Systems Agency."

And has a "Master of arts in education leadership and management."

Holy sheepshit batman, what a warrior. But to her credit, she did attend the Air War College. By correspondence. This is an Obama pick. Of course.

What else is going on in the Air Force. Let's check the Air Force Times:

5 yoga poses to complement your runs

Can a trademark restrict who wears flight suits?

By the way, the project manager that started this rant of mine, has no leadership experience in the Air Force. If you can get any leadership experience. Apparently, he was on a missile crew in a silo where they keep their finger on a button for a watch, deep in the ground, which is probably where he belonged. Then he went to the Air Force Institute of Technology, where he completed a thesis on Breast Cancer analysis.

This is not a slight on Breast Cancer survivors or researchers, but what the hell does Breast Cancer have to do with the Air Force? Absolutely nothing. Graduate students at these institutions, military they may be have a lot of leeway in what they do their thesis in. The fact that this mangina did his thesis on breast cancer is him playing the game in the feminized Air Force way, bowing down and kissing the un-pedicured toenails of the manly women currently running the Air Force.

What's going on over their at the Air Force Institute of Technology nowadays?

Oh, here, here's a thesis where the author thanked the entire "Breast Cancer Research Group."

They had an entire breast cancer research group. Its good to know, that are military is so well equipped and casualty rates our so low, that we can devote time to such militarily important topics. By the way, the casualty rate of our military went up by a factor of seven when the current administration took over the theater of operations and changed the rules of engagement. Just so you know.

Here's another one on "An object-oriented approach to the modeling and visualization of early-stage breast cancer tumors."

And last, but not least, here's a captain who wrote a thesis on "Military Member Responses to Sexually Harassing Behavior: Response Types and Efficacies."

Is it Efficacies or Effeminatecies? Hard to say really.

Last, but not least, look what this mangina put on his corporate profile:

"...But my greatest joy is being 'Dada' to my little girl. No math, no physics, -just LOVE."

Who puts that in a corporate profile that anyone can see online? Someone interested in impressing their male colleagues, or the biggest male vagina on the planet Earth? Seriously, if this guy had been a jarhead, we would have held nightly blanket parties to try and squeeze the vaginal secretions out of him, so he could stop being such a mangina.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BS from Main Stream Media about why men stop having sex

I was just looking over this book by Bob Berkowitz and Susan Jager-Berkowitz called Why Men Stop Having Sex.

Why Men Stop Having Sex: Men, the Phenomenon of Sexless Relationships, and What You Can Do About It

Berkowitz was the former White House correspondent from CNN, whose reporting mantras include "Conservatives bad, liberals good." CNN I mean, not Berkowitz.

Anyway, in the book they talk about a bullshit survey they put out on why men stop having sex with their wives. Here's the top reason:

Reason                                                              Percentage
She isn't sexually adventurous enough for me        68%

Here's two more issues buried in the survey:

Reason                                                              Percentage
She has gained a significant amount of weight        38%


I no longer find her physically attractive                32%

See what they've done here. The wife got fat, and/or let herself go, and the man doesn't want to sleep with her any more. Even though the authors state there is some overlap here, this is 70% when you add the two together into: she looks like ass now, and doesn't want to put forth the effort to be attractive any more. That's the number one reason. The two Berkowitzes that wrote this book, are either being purposefully deceptive, or wrote this shit for women and want them to believe that if they put their fat asses in some Victoria Secret undies and buy a trapeze, then their hubbies are going to want to rip their clothes off.

Nothing could be further than the truth. They should have told them to get some Botox and a gym membership, and stop with the deserts. But that would require real effort, and no lazy woman wants to hear that. So they bury the results at the bottom of the survey.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The American Revolution, the First International Conference on Men’s Issues, the British, and the Main Stream Media

When things started warming up in the American Colonies during the beginning of the American Revolution, not all the colonists were on board with revolting against the crown. In fact, maybe 20% of the colonists wanted to revolt, 20% were Tories who supported the Crown, and everyone else just wanted to be left alone. Although the British government could be a pain in the ass sometimes, they were basically benevolent, and did rack up some serious bills protecting the colonies. They had some legitimate points on taxing the colonies. A tax that was only 4% by the way. We pay twice as much as that in sales taxes alone, and our income tax system is horrible.

Ben Franklin was loyal to the Crown, and felt he could speak for the Colonies and patch things up with England. He went to Parliament, but was grilled by them about the Boston Tea party and American reaction to the Stamp Act, and basically treated like crap. In this way, the British alienated Franklin, and with a series of similar outrages on American soil turned the colonists against them, so by the end of the war, it was more like 80% of the colonists hated their guts, and the Tories had to leave. And if there was one guy you didn't want to piss off, it was Ben Franklin. Although he wasn't a young man at the time, he had enormous influence, and was a Polymath. Now, we have another revolution brewing. The men's right's revolution. And this time, the part of the British government will be played by: the Main Stream Media.

How? There was an MRA conference last week, the First International Conference on Men's Issues in Detroit. I had heard about the conference and Paul Elam, but I really didn't think much about it. I agree with Elam on some things, as do I with some of the other speakers at the conference, and the organizers of the conference, but I'm not aligned with them on everything. I was fairly ambivalent about the it.

Then I saw this piece by a twit who writes for Time magazine called,

"I went to the conference in suburban Detroit expecting a group of feminist-hating Internet trolls; I found much more"

Where this piece of Main Stream Media garbage named Jessica K Roy, wrote crap like, 

"Still, being surrounded by men who belly-laughed at rape jokes and pinned evil elements of human nature wholesale on women was emotionally taxing at best and self-destructive at worst. Once, during a particularly upsetting segment of the program, I had to excuse myself from the auditorium to seek refuge on the bug-filled bank of Lake St. Clair. I kept wondering why I had volunteered to fly 600 miles to attend the conference alone, to surround myself not just with crass ideological opponents, but with people with violent Internet histories who believed my very existence oppressed them. "

There's that word violent again (italics mine), connected with the internet and MRAs. What do you mean by violence, Jessica? Were they going around chopping heads off? Were they raping and pillaging? No, they were exercising their right to free speech, and the word violent doesn't belong in the same sentence with talk, or speak, or write, you stupid sack of media garbage.

Here's another jewel from the article, "...Elam published a post to A Voice for Men taking issue with my tweets during the conference, which made clear that I was upset by many of the sentiments expressed."

You don't get to be upset (italics mine) when you're reporting, Miss Shitty. You don't get to be upset, because that Freedom of the Press, that was paid for in blood by the same men you are shitting all over, that freedom is for you to report unbiased facts. Which you are obviously unable to do. Because you're UPSET.  That pisses me off. And you piss me off. 

So here's some more internet violence for you, Jessica Roy. You have absolutely no business being a reporter. You have no business advocating for a cause, or NOT advocating for a cause. Freedom of the press is a sacred right, because of the price good men paid for it. It isn't sacred so that you can be a little bitch making shit up when people are talking about ruined lives at the Men's Issues Conference. It was given to you so you can uncover corruption, like that of the current administration which you helped bring to power, or the Feminist Crap going on in courtrooms across America. The freedom of the press was given to you so you can make this world a better place, not make shit up so you can turn the US into the Feminist, Socialist, Ghetto, Dystopian States of America.

So keep it up, Jessica, and the main stream media. Keep passing those stamp acts, keep making shit up about the men's rights movement, keep getting my taxes raised so I can pay for single moms like the one that was in the checkout line in front of me today, paying with an EBT card,  while I had to make a quarterly payment to the IRS of 15,ooo dollars to pay for her brood of three kids from three different fathers. Keep acting like the British in 1775, Main Stream Media. See what happens next.

And, my ambivalence on the Conference is officially gone. Next year, they'll be getting a fatty check from me, while I have my checkbook out writing checks to the IRS. Put that in a tweet, Jessica.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

An Elementary School Fail in Scottsdale hits home

I found out yesterday, that the elementary school that I went to in Scottsdale Arizona, is going to be closed:

According to the article, the occupancy rate of the school is at 47%. In fact, there are several schools who's occupancy is falling. What's going on? What happened to our overcrowded and underfunded schools? Didn't we need a tax increase in Arizona for education just a few years ago. A look at the school's demographics, tells a clearer tale than any of the MSM stories: Student Demographics for Tonalea Elementary School:

Asian        10 (2%)
Black        33 (6.26%)
Hispanic 301 (57.12%)
Native American 16 (3.04%)
White        167 (31.69%

So the school is seventy percent minorities. Are these representative of the demographics of Scottsdale?
From 2010:

Asian           1%
Black           2%
Hispanic        9%
Native American 3%
White          89%

So we can see obviously, the white population of the school is significantly underrepresented, and probably the reason that they're at 47% occupancy. The take away, is that the local white population, which is over 70% in Tonalea's zip code, is not sending their kids to school. As it is a lower middle class neighborhood (yes, they have them in Scottsdale), the local population is probably home schooling their kids, or scrimping and saving to send them to a private school. While still subsidizing Tonalea with their property taxes. But, not for long. To make things even more convoluted, from a government standpoint, the Scottsdale Unified School District is the second largest employer in the city, and not enough kids to go around.

None of these reasons were mentioned in the MSM stories, like the one the Arizona Repugnant ran of course, such things are swept under the rug, in their little socialist dystopia. If we don't print it, it didn't happen right? The New York Slimes tries to blame this on a Supreme Court decision, where the Court, in 1974 Milliken v. Bradley 'killed any hopes of integrating the public schools.' Actually, the New York Slimes, and their allies on the left killed public schools, and everything they did to make the situation better...forced busing, allowing kids to cross city lines to integrate...made the situation worse. Kinda like all the stimulus packages that their columnist Paul Krugman keeps pushing. They're poster children for Einstein's saying; "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.' The Times is, of course, full of crap. Scottsdale is an affluent suburb, and they got all integrated didn't they? Or not. Minnesota tried to bypass the court decision with an open enrollment program: Oddly enough, they failed. Miserably. But they did manage to wipe out a lot of the suburban schools. Ineterestingly enough, I while researching the article, I saw that the open enrollment had managed to kill off my stepmother's school in Northern Minnesota. From Arizona to Minnesota, failed public school programs! From the Canadian Border, to the Mexican Border, a sea of shining liberal educational and tax dollar destruction. So, to recap: 1) My old elementary school has failed, due to white flight from the public school system 2) The efforts to desegregate by government result in increased segregation, and increases in taxes, hence tax losses 3) This is not a failure of local government, but a failure of municipal, state, and national governments. All are contributors to the disaster. Its not all bad. Eventually the public school system will collapse, and the combination of home schooling and private schooling will give the kids a better education, at no public expense. And then we have the liberal idiots, who actually call their children's school, and complain about this lack of diversity. This idiot calls himself ramspaul, and has disabled comments on this video, which is the way liberals promulgate free speech. Here ramzpaul complains about his daughter's school, and its lack of diversity: This guy must be one of the dumbest people on the planet Earth. You know who he reminds me of? Chevy Chase's character in the first Vacation Movie, who stops in a Ghetto and asks for directions. I went to one of ramzpual's 'diversified' schools after Tonalea, and let me tell you, anybody who has parents that make their kids go to a school like that, should get a visit from CPS. I got my ass KICKED by those punks and thugs. It was BAD. But ramzpaul, in his little white bread, liberal, rainbow world, has no idea of the world of hurt he would put his kid in. What an idiot.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SaelPalani I mean Auntie Diana I mean Diana Boston I mean Pansexual...I'm confused, but so is she

I was trolled by this...I don't know. Creature I guess, insulting the Men's Rights Movement. Here are some of her critics:

Here's the critter's blog:

OFFICIAL DIANA BOSTON BLOG Lipstick Pansexual Radical/Socialist Feminist In Your Face

I'm learning all kinds of new words today. What is Pansexuality?

Here's a dude who figured this puzzle out:

In fact, there's a whole list of Diana Boston hate vids:

The only conclusion I can come to, is this woman is like a negative attention vampire, who feeds on the drama.

 By the way, this is not one of them. After seeing her in action, I honestly think this woman is on meds/therapy or both. I actually think that I responded to her troll comment, telling her she was going to end up as a crazy cat lady. Then I found out she was.

Insanity isn't funny. Well in this case, it kinda is.