Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aaron Sorkin is a Marine-Hating Vagina

No doubt he would say he loves the military because his sister was in the Navy. But make no mistake, he hates the military like most of the other Hollyweird gerbil-racers. If he could hang out at the airport spitting on soldiers and Marines returning from the Middle East and get away with he would do it in a heartbeat. But alas, he would be crucified for that. Even in gerbil-town. What is a cocaine addicted Marine-hater to do???

I know! I'll write a story that will embarrass the Marine Corps, and reveal the heroic actions of lawyers. Because every good liberal knows that lawyers are heroic and Marines are vicious baby killers. This way I can implicitly spit on Marines who have everything I lack like honor, courage, and commitment (unless it's commitment to my dealer). I'll write a play called a Few Good Men. Because I know I'll never be a man.

Sorkin is entitled to his opinion. He never paid for that opinion, but Marines unfortunately do not have that luxury. They have to pay for it. Sometimes with their lives. I'm waiting for karma to catch up to Sorkin for spitting on those who protect his freedom. But maybe not being a man is enough punishment. It would be for me.