Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whiny little bitch worms her way back into the Marine Corps' Infantry Officer Course

This little piece of female rat-trash:

Stating the usuals about her washing out of IOC. "It's society's fault I wasn't well prepared." Blah-blah-blah. Of course she get's another chance. I guess that's what happens when you elect a political air winger to the commandant's position.

I saw this shit when I was at OCS in Quantico. The small platoon of women that were in our company were allowed a lowered standard during the school. A lot of them wanted to quit anyway, but the company staff argued them into staying so they could meet their quota. When one of the male candidates spoke up about the unequal standards and these substandard officers that were allowed into the Marine Corps he was jacked up by the same staff members.

Maybe this piece of crap, Santangelo needs to go over to the Army where she will be given a lot more unequal treatment, just so the command doesn't have to see her bitching in the Washington Compost about how a downtrodden little rugmuncher wasn't given a fair shot.  She doesn't belong in my Marine Corps though. None of them do, until they can prove they can hack the same standards. Amos will give IOC orders to graduate the little bitch no matter what, and that's how it will start. Our infantry will be weakened once more, the Marine Corps will be weakened, and the United States will be weakened.

Amos should have let them eat static, and should have made a stand. You're the Commandant of the Marine Corps for God's sake, the worse they can do is retire you. And in the administration's present state of weakness, they wouldn't dare. If Obama has shown us anything, its that he won't stand up to a true fighter who knows what he's doing.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Feminist Starter Kit

I have a friend, who I went to high school with, she is in her 40's, never married, no kids. She's not bad looking, but she's a Marxist, a feminist, and an idiot. I got her a feminist starter kit for her birthday as she approaches 50:

This is no joke, there are an army of those type of woman out there right now, who adopted this Marxist-feminist bullshit, raised by their mother or a dominant mother and a left wing media, Oprah, a host of mangina talk show hosts like Kevin Anderson of CNN, and their own agendas.

How has that worked out for everyone? We have men opting out of marriage, education, fatherhood and careers at the cyclic rate. We have armies of families with no father figure, using Section 8 housing and EBT cards and sapping the lifeblood out of the nation by electing idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Hussein Obama.

And then we have middle American men, many who are war vets, many who run their own show, many who know how to survive. After the smoke clears we need to be ready to return this country to it's limited government, father oriented family roots. Until that, I have a message for the men out there, not the trolling mangina barista friends of feminists who also jump on a chair when a spider walks into the room.

If you're a man, whose tired of this crap, I suggest you become a man going their own way (MGTOW), as described above. We can survive without them. We can't procreate without them (not yet anyway), but we can survive without them. That doesn't work the other way.

Now I love women, but enough bullshit is enough. They're gonna be pretty hard pressed to fight off hordes from Russia, build houses and buildings, and engineer a PC or an operating system, or run a farm without us. Sure, there's the occasional oddball one out of a thousand who can become a mediocre engineer or soldier. But for the most part, when the shit hits the fan, and the bullets start flying the most they can do is duck and scream. If the brakes need to be done, the tires need changing,  or the check engine light comes on, you're gonna be screwed.

So, it's time my brothers. It's time to use a condom, and wrap the whole bunch of whiny little bitches up, and let them fuck off for a while. Its time to opt out of marriage, betaville, and disrespect of men. Do not impregnate, buy property with, or marry them. Get them that little jewel of a present pictured above. You can treat me like a man, be respectful, stop taxing the crap out of me, stop pulling that "I'll charge you with sexual harassment" bullshit in my workplace (or preferable get the fuck out of my workplace), stop fucking with my livelihood. Or else I'll stop earning, and you can try to tax a rock. You can defend yourself against criminals and terrorists. You can try to build your own roads, houses, and workplaces with your women studies and sociology degrees.

Good luck with that.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Greg Proops, Uncomic, Liberal, Closeted Turd

I thought it unusual that the StandUpLive Comedy club in downtown Phoenix would call me last Thursday, asking if we wanted free tickets to the show on Friday night. I looked up the comedian and it was some dude named Greg Proops. Apparently they couldn't sell enough tickets for the show.

Greg Proops spent half the show insulting Arizonans. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good roast now and again. What I can't stand is some liberal Hollywood Fuck, coming out here in an ill-fitting suit,  and telling us how to run our state, after they've nuked one of the prettiest places on the Earth, and turned it into a cesspool of debt and crime.

So that's why nobody showed up. Proop's poop, is a little too stinky. Greg is way outta touch with the people here, the current sentiment in America, and frankly his own sexuality. Apparently the guy is married, but I'm pretty sure he prefers the gerbil races. Just saying. Looking at pictures of him and his wife, its clear they have a typical Omega-dominant female relationship.

Also, as an added benefit Proop helped create that stink-bomb, franchise-destroying, Jar-Jar Binks having, Episode I, the Phantom Menace Bomb. The most disappointing movie of all time. Just for that he deserves to be cast out to Venezuela or Cuba, where he can stand in line for toilet paper. Maybe then he'll figure out that Marxism isn't all its cracked up to be. Probably not, those idiots never get it.

So help him on his way, and don't pay to see his shows. Next time StandUpLive calls me, I'll ask them how much they're going to pay me to have to listen to these idiots. I'll take $100 an hour. At least.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The only people that didn't have guns on Fort Hood, were the ones following regulations

To the base commanders, commanding generals and liberal idiots in charge of them that allowed the Fort Hood shootings by not arming your soldiers:

It is a complete disgrace that you do not trust your soldiers to carry weapons and defend themselves. The Fort Hood shooters' bodies should be riddled with bullets from the soldiers that defended themselves. Those soldiers on post should be required to carry loaded arms at all times, except when they are off duty or at PT.

You have made the U.S. Army a laughingstock with these weapons policies. You probably talk among yourselves with claims that more lives would be lost than saved if you implemented mandatory carry policies.  Is that the case? Do we have that many incidents in theater, when all soldiers are carrying weapons? I'll tell you who shouldn't be trusted with weapons and soldiers. You shouldn't, the clowns with stars on your collars, and flags on your lapels who won't stand up for the soldiers that stand up for you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Posterboy of Democrats, Raised by Democrats, and Hopefully the end of Democrats: The Man-Child

My Proof. Exhibit One:

Exhibit two. Words escape me on this one:

Exhibit three:

Although the one on the right is a woman. Sort of. I think.

Exhibit last:

That clown is whining like the little dependent turd that he is, because he got a worthless degree in liberal arts and now he has to work as a barista, or gerbil tester or something. CNN used him as a posterboy too. Tells you a lot about CNN, huh? Like the kind of men-children that watch CNN.

Terrence Popp discusses this at length, in Mangina, or the wussification of the balless bunch here:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Leland Yee's Wikipedia post on gun control

You can't make this stuff up:

"Several groups have noted the irony of Yee's previous support for strict gun control laws, in light of his involvement in weapons trafficking. Gun rights advocacy groups and others have labeled Yee's actions as "hypocrisy".  In the wake of Yee's arrest on corruption and weapons trafficking charges, gun control advocacy groups have expressed concern that the future of some of Yee's proposed gun control bills could be in jeopardy."

Really? Ya think?

Naah...I don't think the heavy stuff is gonna come down for quite a while.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld describes why the US Postal Service is failing

Look for it, at the three minute mark:

Some choice remarks here:

"... a twenty first century information system based on licking, walking, and pennies is struggling to compete."