Thursday, April 28, 2016

Batshit Crazy Professor Loses Temper With Student

Melissa Click doesn't like that headline for her actions, so I'm adding it here.

She wants to be known as "Favorite Professor Fights to Support Black Students on Campus." Well I want to be known as "Man with lots in pants has line of women waiting for him" but that's not going to happen either. Now she's known as Batshit Crazy Ex-professor with worthless Phd is standing in unemployment line where she belongs. I think modeling is out for career choice.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Declaration of Causes for the 2nd Civil War

We need no other preamble, than that of the Declaration of Independence, on why we need to exile the Socialist/Progressive/Democrats from the United States:

 When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. 

They have turned the United States into a nation of men, not laws, contradicting our Constitution. 

They have turned our inner cities into cesspools of crime, poverty, and violence.

They have weaponized various federal agencies, such as the IRS, and EPA to punish their political opponents.

They have turned the education system of the United States into one of the worst in the developed world, while spending the most money in the developed world on it.

They have gutted our military, and used it for failed social experiments.

They have invited our enemies in to settle our lands, and made excuses for them when they kill our people.

They have destroyed our free market system, and encouraged investment offshore.

They are destroying our healthcare system, and declaring it as a right, have enslaved our healthcare workers.

They have turned large sections of the populous against our law enforcement professionals, and encouraged lawlessness.

They have usurped the freedom of the press by favoring their own political party.

They have suppressed our freedom of speech when able by shouting us out.

They have encouraged class warfare by demonizing success, and encouraging dependence and sloth. 

They have given an entire generation an attitude of entitlement.

They have encouraged racism against one race and sexism against men.

They have bankrupted the federal government.

They have corrupted our history, denigrated our founders, and disrespected our fighting men.

We have tried to check these attempts to overturn the Constitution by all peaceable and legal means.

It is now clear, that once again, it will be our duty to overthrow a corrupt regime. Since we have the vast majority of the military and law enforcement personnel, the real question is, what do we do with those who are fundamentally transforming our way of life into a socialist dystopia? We will have to treat them, as they treat us.

They disrespect our private property laws, therefore they shall have none. 

They have tried to take our freedom of speech, therefore they shall have none,

They have disregarded our citizenship laws and our sovereignty, therefore they shall have none.

They have denigrated our Judaeo-Christian way of life, therefore they shall not share in it.

They have forced us to pay for public education that our children can't safely participate in, therefore they shall not be allowed to take part in the education of our children.

They have spit, trampled on, and disregarded our Constitution, therefore they shall not be given the rights set forth in it.

They have tried to destroy our justice system, therefore they shall have no justice.

They have tried to destroy our military, therefore they shall have no sovereign defense.

They have taxed us unfairly, at higher rates, therefore they shall have no fair system of taxation.

They have redistributed the fruits of our labor, therefore they shall have their own property redistributed, except that which is deemed necessary for them to leave the country.

They have tried to take our country, therefore they shall have no country.

They will be asked to leave, and when necessary, forced to leave.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

USAA...prides itself on being a U.S. military member company, but....

...they actually are slowly becoming a foreign contractor hiring, civilian-run, give-ourselves-bonuses for-showing-up company. Originally founded almost a hundred years ago by military officers who couldn't get auto insurance, USAA labels itself as "member owned." The members were Americans who had an affiliation with the U.S. military.

Not so fast.

USAA, in the nineties started revamping its membership to include enlisted members, and then dependents after they left home. There's nothing wrong with that. But their insurance rates started to climb, as they started taking more risks, and added more infrastructure. More and more civilians, who had a loose, or in many cases, no affiliation with the military at all started occupying middle and upper management positions.

Civilians like bonuses

Nowadays, the average USAA employees get an 18-19% bonus every year, just for showing up, regardless of performance. Full time workers that used to be in the military started disappearing, and Indian contractors and civilians started filling up the main campus in San Antonio, and other places. There are now so many many Indians working for USAA that  they've opened up industrial workplaces in India to outsource jobs. Executives are reaping even larger bonuses with these "savings."

Corporate Culture

American contractors are contacting me, telling me that the place is now infested with American corporate douchebags. Thousands of Indian contractors swarm the Starbucks locations at the San Antonio campus every day. Vice presidents and directors are developing a political culture of deceit where they try to pencil whip their reports to increase their bonuses, empires are built on projects that turn out to be million dollar disasters, and while the customer service is still good in their auto insurance business, their banking and mortgage business models are horrible.

The bottom line

USAA is no longer a military-friendly company. Officer after officer has gotten out out of the military with the latest drawdowns, applied for a job there, and gotten denied by civilians that have no affiliation with the military, The hiring individuals are mostly clueless female civilians who are actually afraid of military members.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Strange Locality of Crony Capitalism: Butterfly Labs

I first came across Butterfly Labs as a wandering bitcoin explorer, wanting to put my cash in something besides an American dollar that was probably going to explode into hyperinflation at some point when some banks realize that they are just too many dollars out there.

You can "mine" bitcoins by having your computer make "blocks" or pieces of a bitcoin, which is very challenging to do efficiently except for the most powerful computers.

Enter Butterfly Labs. Butterfly Labs claims to sell powerful machines, specially made so they could quickly and efficiently manufacture bitcoins. Butterfly Labs sold the machines on Ebay, claiming that they were so behind, that customers were automatically put on a waiting list.

Of course it was a scam, there were no machines, or a token amount sold as a front. They got a local judge to overturn the FTC ruling that put them in receivership, and let them start up again...they also might have local collusion because they refuse to sell to anyone around their office location in the Kansas/Missouri area. Guaranteeing local residents won't file claims with local law enforcement, or complain to local politicians.

The owner/runner of the scam, is a self styled Marketing and ECommerce guru named Jeff Ownby:

I thought I might have to kiss the money goodbye, ButterFly Labs doesn't respond to BBB claims. But luckily I bought the computer through PayPal. PayPal didn't want to give the money back either, so I filed a BBB complaint against THEM, and they forced Butterfly to pay me back. Eventually they got banned from PayPal:

And then there's this:

The article alleges that Butterfly Labs used the machines they made, to mine the coins themselves.

The BBB website has a grade of F for Butterfly Labs:


"FTC v. BF Labs, Inc. 
Date of Action: 9/23/2014 
The following describes a pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved. We are providing a summary of the government's allegations, which have not yet been proven.

On Sept 23, 2014, the Federal Trade Commission filed suit against Butterfly Labs. Charges filed allege the business violated the FTC Act. The lawsuit alleges that Butterfly Labs charged thousands of dollars for its Bitcoin computers, but then failed to provide the computers until they were practically useless, or in many cases, did not provide the computers at all."

So, why am I writing about this now. Because they had the gall to send me an email, telling me that they were back up and running. Ripping people off again!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

To read or not to read the New York Slimes, that is the question....

Here's an article in the New York Slimes about whether or not to delete your Uber app because one of the founders ridiculed the press, and they're misogynistic over there at Uber:

Written by this creature, Laura M. Holson:

Who writes for the New York Slimes as a Fashion and Style writer. Who else would hire this chubby mule as a Fashion and Style writer but the idiots at the New York Slimes? Seriously, would you take advice from this creature on fashion and style? Maybe on how to repel the opposite sex.

I recently took a cab in Chicago with my son-in-law, where the cab driver stunk like a moldy sock, it was a horrible ride. We just had to suck it up.

One month later, my wife and I took a ride in an Uber car in San Francisco, where the driver stunk a bit. The Uber app asked me to rate him. I gave him one star, and Uber refunded part of my money, apologized, and put the driver on notice to take baths or find another job. When was the last time a cab company did that? My wife said that cabs were better because they were government regulated. I beg to differ, the municipal governments are doing a horrible job regulating them. WE are regulating Uber, and we're doing a pretty good job. Last time I went to Vegas, I had to wait 45 minutes for a cab at the government regulated cab line. I wait three minutes for an Uber. Go government!

I'm sure the execs over at Uber are laying awake at night, worried that the hideous fashion and style writer Laura Holson is deleting their app. Maybe they'll muddle through it somehow. I predict they will survive. Since the New York Slimes, Laura Holson, and the cab companies seem at odds with the new economy, them, not so much.