Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Tragic Day in Phoenix...

So says the Arizona Republic.

To be honest, I thought the tragedy was that the Arizona Republic was still in business. But they're on their way out the door. Give them a little boost if you can, by canceling your subscription. They failed to report that the day after they got Obama elected, a lot of defense contractors were laid off, including myself.

Luckily, I got another job as I saw the writing on the wall. But for how long, how much Socialist Government abuse can business take before things get very dire. Already I am hearing reports of small businessman telling each other that the IRS is coming out guns blazing for us for all imagined fiduciary slights. This by a White House with a large proportion of tax cheats.

So the IRS is trying to solve Uncle Sam's spending problem by going after the earners. The British Crown taxed the Colonies at 12% during the Revolutionary War. We are getting hit at upwards of 40-50% when you count in property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and other fees.

So it is time. While I don't believe armed insurrection is an option, here are a few things we can do to make our feelings known:
        Induce a barter system for goods and services as often as you can.

        Start paying cash for many of your personal service transactions.

        If you do get nailed by the IRS on an audit, and they get it wrong file a suit in Federal Court to pay for your time that you spent on the audit and preparation. It will end up costing them a lot more than they are likely to get out of you.

       Clog up their system by asking for a internal investigation via your local congressman because they abused your time.

        File for disability for your bad back, bad hearing, migraines, and so forth. This will put you in a lower bracket and eat into their revenues.

        Eventually they will go broke anyway. Time to speed them on their way. Violent protests against the government tax system will get us nowhere and will get you labeled as an extremist and worse. Follow Gandhi's example of peaceful protest and non-cooperation. Make the Democrat-led government and it's Socialist Supporters look like the bad guys that they are. Taking from those that innovate, and giving to themselves.