Saturday, November 22, 2014

To read or not to read the New York Slimes, that is the question....

Here's an article in the New York Slimes about whether or not to delete your Uber app because one of the founders ridiculed the press, and they're misogynistic over there at Uber:

Written by this creature, Laura M. Holson:

Who writes for the New York Slimes as a Fashion and Style writer. Who else would hire this chubby mule as a Fashion and Style writer but the idiots at the New York Slimes? Seriously, would you take advice from this creature on fashion and style? Maybe on how to repel the opposite sex.

I recently took a cab in Chicago with my son-in-law, where the cab driver stunk like a moldy sock, it was a horrible ride. We just had to suck it up.

One month later, my wife and I took a ride in an Uber car in San Francisco, where the driver stunk a bit. The Uber app asked me to rate him. I gave him one star, and Uber refunded part of my money, apologized, and put the driver on notice to take baths or find another job. When was the last time a cab company did that? My wife said that cabs were better because they were government regulated. I beg to differ, the municipal governments are doing a horrible job regulating them. WE are regulating Uber, and we're doing a pretty good job. Last time I went to Vegas, I had to wait 45 minutes for a cab at the government regulated cab line. I wait three minutes for an Uber. Go government!

I'm sure the execs over at Uber are laying awake at night, worried that the hideous fashion and style writer Laura Holson is deleting their app. Maybe they'll muddle through it somehow. I predict they will survive. Since the New York Slimes, Laura Holson, and the cab companies seem at odds with the new economy, them, not so much.