Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Google snubs our fallen soldiers, more bay area bull...here's how I'm celebrating

Coverage about Google snubbing our fallen:




Here's how I'm paying Google back:


Paul Krugman: What’s behind this success? His hilarious assessment of the VA in 2011

This would be funny, if people weren't dead:


"...And yes, this is “socialized medicine” — although some private systems, like Kaiser Permanente, share many of the V.H.A.’s virtues. But it works — and suggests what it will take to solve the troubles of U.S. health care more broadly."

Yes, it is a socialized medicine disaster. Thank God it was "overhauled" during the Clinton administration. Good job Clintons! I'm looking forward to your third term, when you finish the job.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Venezuelananalysis.com: The collapse of Venezuela isn't due to Socialism...its just bad currency management...

It wasn't the price controls, the nationalization of industry and subsequent poor management of those state-owned businesses. It wasn't the huge amounts of money given to the poor, and out of control spending. No, no, it was just currency mismanagement.

Does Venezuela’s Crisis Prove Socialism Doesn’t Work?


No, no, we just need another hundred examples. Next time, we'll do it right! Even though the public sector can't run a hot dog stand without losing money. Even while this clown of a writer is sitting in his apartment, without electricity, he's still hooked on socialism. These journalists are hooked on socialism like it's heroin or something. Apparently starving to death, isn't the bottom yet. The amazing thing to me, is that 30% of the people in Venezuela still support Maduro. That means that you can kill off your own population with a failed state, and 30% of them will still think you're OK. Which also explains Obama's approval ratings.

Friday, May 27, 2016

First woman in Tennessee to enlist as combat engineer goes AWOL


..."She left her husband and two children in September of 2015 for basic training where she was learning to build bridges, detonate artillery, and detect roadside bombs under combat conditions. She said, "You make sacrifices your whole life for your children and for your family, this will be a sacrifice... Women can do anything they set their mind to just as well as men I don't really see any difference at all. I hope women will want to join."

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Arizona Prop 123....another education scam

For all the cheerleading on prop 123 here in Arizona, you'd think it was the best thing since sliced bread. The establishment RINOs won't comment about it. Which should make you immediately suspect it. It's basically stealing land to pay for an unsustainable system: Arizona's public education system. As an exercise, I calculated the amount of my property and state income tax, and how much of that goes for education:

That's right folks, a whopping 56% already goes to educate someone else's kids (since I don't have any). A lot of illegals. You can't send your kids to the local public schools here in Phoenix, they'll get killed. So to add insult to injury, your paying 56% of your taxes, to schools that you can't send your kids to.

Maybe they're quality schools though.

Nope, Arizona ranked 47th in nation for education last year.

So your spending 56% of your taxes, for horrible schools, and its not enough. I think its quite enough. In fact, I've had about enough.