Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One of the problems with some of the government workers is that many of them are categorized as having a medical condition which qualifies them for FMLA (Family Medical and Leave Act). Once you are given this golden ticket, you basically can do whatever you want. One of the DA's IT employees (Mindy) had a condition I shall call Irritable Bitch Syndrome. Because of her IBS, she missed at least one day a work when I worked there. Sometimes two days. Strangely enough the two days were Monday and Friday. She went to a lot of concerts too. Her IBS never caused her to miss a concert.

Mindy also had the habit of blowing her stack at odd moments, and setting the record for time on the Internet.

Now I've had a medical condition before, and have got noting but sympathy for those who do. However this was definitely a case of milking the taxpayer. Hal the worthless director let things slide until someone dimed Mindy out and Hal was called on the carpet. But she didn't get fired. She just got reduced to taking one extra day a week off.

Her salary was $62,300 a year. Not bad for a part time gig. And significantly higher than the Median salary of $56,500 a year for the county.

Your Tax Dollars

Hi All. I've decided to start this blog to tell you where some of your tax dollars are going, at both the Federal and local government levels. I have the unique experience of working for both. Some of them are being used for good purposes. Most are not.

At the local government level, I recently worked for the District Attorney's office, IT Division. There were about 70 employees there. The director of IT was a blowhard, who I shall call Hal. Hal was rarely around, and based his hiring criteria on finding the hottest chick who applied for the job, and hiring her. This was called "equal opportunity." It rarely worked out well for the taxpayer.

I found out why Hal was never around. He was using the division's entire training and travel budget as his own personal piggy bank. On constant "training" trips all over the US. Meanwhile, his employees weren't showing up for work, the crappy HP laptops he bought were blowing up like it was cool (I personally went through five of them), and the divisions applications ran like crap.

We just went through a property tax hike in this county. I was NOT happy about it. Knowing about Hal and the other people like him in that office sucking up those dollars..