Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 100k secretary

We have a lady who runs the facilities in the office, she is rude, overpaid, nasty, and lazy. Let's call her Spamela. She handles the office and cube assignments, and the facilities issues. All of these things are a mess right now. How is that? How did she get the job? How can she get away with it?

Simple: her husband is a program manager in another program with the same contracting company. Therefore Spamela can be nasty, lazy, and unresponsive. And keep her job. Not only that, but Spamela's daughter can be security manager for the building, work 1 day a week, and get paid an exorbitant salary in an unskilled job with no education.

How many Spamela's are running around the department of defense? And the bigger question is, how do we the taxpayer put Spamela where she belongs? In an unemployment line. Where there are plenty of good people who can do Spamela's job? Complain? Maybe if you want to lose your own job. Expose? Maybe, but that's been tried before with no response.

Another way maybe is the IG for the DOD to report Military and Civilian Irregularity on contracts. Sometimes they do their job. Or, you can monitor their comings and goings and report when they are goofing off on the government's time. There is always a way. Let's fix this government, one Spamela at a time.

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