Monday, September 27, 2010

Arizona Republic laments how hard it is for immigrants to legally get a US visa

Which is quite funny because the Arizona Republic spends most of it's time implicitly telling us how much the U.S. sucks. They do mention near the bottom of the article how we let 1 million people a year emigrate legally to the US. That's a pretty big number. The peak year of Ellis Island immigration (which is not mentioned in the article) was 1,004,756 in 1907. And we're doing that every year.

One million a year is plenty. That's one percent of our entire population every three years. I wonder what would happen to the already failing Arizona Repugnant (sic) if they got their wish and we opened up the floodgates to unlimited immigration.

I am in no way excusing the INS by the way. They DO suck beyond all recognition. I have seen this first hand, as a friend of mine married a foreign national. They repeatedly lost her records, hassled them, and it took multiple letters to a local Congressmen's office to get them off their fat asses and issue her a green card.

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