Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Contracting Officer Hall of Shame

A Wall Street Journal detailing the investigation of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction:

The Hunt for Weapons of Mass Corruption

And some morally challenged recipients for the IG's awards:

Lt. Col. Derrick Shoemake:

Two counts of bribery related to the awarding of bottled-water contracts.

Maj Gloria Davis:

225k in bribes, Killed herself:
Long Path to Courtroom for War Contractor Accused of Bribery

I guess we're calling disgraced contracting officers heroes and burying them with medal of honor winners in Arlington

Maj Mark Fuller, 22 counts of bribery:

And assaulting a trout.

Maj. John Cockerham:

Army Major, Family Nabbed In Bribe Scandal

9.6 million in bribes, and looking like someone shoved a porcupine up his yang.

Maj Eddie Pressley:

22 Counts of bribery and wearing a coat that's too small with a stupid looking hat

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