Monday, June 13, 2011

Matt Damon, America-Hater or Conservative Plant?

I was watching Saving Private Ryan on TV the other night, and was repulsed yet again when I saw Matt Damon playing a brave American soldier in France in WWII. Cause we have seen so many Hollywood Gerbil Racers actually become brave servicemen lately.

And this morning I came across a reference to Green Zone, a blatantly ant-war movie that bombed horribly, starring Damon. And I started thinking. What if Damon were really a Republican plant? What if his plan was to integrate himself with the Hollywood socialist elites, then waste huge amounts of their money in anti-American flops like Green Zone? It's worked great for the Republicans so far. I don't think any other strategy in Hollywood would have wasted so much of their money and ruined any remaining good will from the American people.

Then I thought...nahhh. He's not that smart. But maybe trading places with an artist in Cuba for a few years would fix him. Then there are always those who can't admit their mistakes and end up living a life in squalor parroting the party line so they don't have to admit how screwed up they are.

I think this movie says it all about Damon, and the Film Actors Guild:

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