Friday, July 22, 2011

McChrystal's Ganjgal Debacle

I confess, I didn't know much about Gen McChrystal before this morning other than the fact that he was a dumbass for letting a Rolling Stone reporter get embedded with his staff (seriously, who's next...Vanity Fair???).
Now I understand he had the fool's role in the battle Ganjgal where a Marine was awarded the medal of honor.

Battle of Ganjgal

Reprimands in Marine Deaths In Ganjgal Engagement

Ganjgal Investigation Shows Lack of Support from 10th Mountain

McChrystal's rules of engagement ixnayed the use of artillery to keep civilian casualties down. Of course, this rule should have some common sense attached to it, like: If 100 Taliban are attacking four Marines, then you can use artillery. Very much like the ixnaying tanks in Mogidishu. The bottom line is this: there comes a time in many battles where the commander must decide whether to break the rules or preserve his career. The commander who puts his career and life on the line for his men deserves our respect. The commander who puts his career in front of his men (and we have plenty of those) deserves our contempt.

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