Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deflect, Deny, Debase

The liberals and the liberal media seem to have fallen into a pattern now that Obama's presidency is seen as a complete failure:

Deflect: It's the Tea Party, we inherited the bad economy, deficit...

Poll: Most Democrats See Tea Party as 'Economic Terrorists'

Obama casts Congress as the problem, tells Americans to 'let them know'

Obama to Frustrated Voters: Tell Congress to Start Delivering

Bad luck? Bad faith?

American Idiots: How Washington is destroying the economy

Deny: It's getting better we just need more time. We've accomplished a lot.

Obama to Press Committee on Jobs

Debase: The Republican candidates for 2012 are terrible. Hate-mongers, Nazis, racists, don't have a chance.

Rival candidates, some Iowa Republicans express resentment at Rick Perry's timing

Religion, Budget Issues Dog Rick Perry

The Left’s Very Anti-PC Strategy: Hate, Fear, Stereotype, and Treat Diversity as Evil

GOP on Defensive

Ohhh, it's his team. He just needs better advisers:
Obama left short-handed on economy

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