Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GAO Identifies 100 Billion in Savings

The GAO report identifying 100 billion in savings by reducing redundant programs was released a few months ago. Let's look at their findings:

1. The fragmented food safety system

Probably a good fix, but the system covering 300 million people needs to be decentralized. Are they going to do better than locals? Probably not. Cut it.

2. Realigning the military’s medical command

The military medical system is completely dysfunctional. But these political reorgs have only made things worse. Pull your head out of your ass GAO, stop screaming "REORG" every time you see a screwed up command. Military medical is screwed up because there is no accountability, and no quality control.

3. Streamlining 31 agencies that provide for urgent soldier needs

Yes. Get rid of the 30 that don't provide anything but expensive Federal Civilian welfare and reinforce the one that does.

4. Lack of coordination by counter-improvised explosive devices

Good luck getting Congress to get rid of their military rice bowls in their district

5. Streamlining military intelligence gathering

Good luck getting Congress to get rid of their military rice bowls in their district

6. Avoiding duplicate purchasing of tactical wheeled vehicles
Good luck getting Congress to get rid of their military rice bowls in their district

7. Improve oversight of Defense’ prepositioning and stockpiling programs

Or just get oversight on any government programs, since there is none to be found

8. Defense business systems can be modernized

Modernized like the NMCI debacle? Or Army Knowledge online? Or how about the Marine Corps'
GCSS-MC? Look GAO, I know this is gonna be news to everyone...but every time the DoD
"modernizes" a business system both the taxpayer and the service member gets a wire brush enema.
Maybe we should stop "modernizing" for a while.

9. The fragmented economic development programs

The government giving advice on economic development. Get rid of them all.

10. Federal transportation programs that lack accountability

All federal programs lack accountability. Including, apparently the GAO.

11. Duplicative federal effort to provide water to the Mexico border region

We already provide them with 11 million tax free incomes a year.

12. Conflicting federal vehicle energy goals

Yes. Consolidate them to one unobtainable goal.

13. Duplicative ethanol programs

Good if your a corn farmer. End all ethanol subsidies. It ain't workin.

14. Government IT systems have divergent goals

Government IT again. Maybe they should just have one goal. Try to make it work without
driving your users insane.

15. Duplicative federal data centers

And yet, still impossible to get any data from the government.

16. Duplicative contracting agencies

Good luck with Congress on this.

17. Reviewing tax earmarks

And this.

18. Modernizing health records by Defense and Veterans Affairs

Or, maybe just tell them to stop stuffing medical records into holes in
the wall.

19. Controlling drug costs by Defense and Veterans Affairs

I don't know why they have any drug costs, since they'll give you Motrin for an arm
that's blown off.

20. Integrating public health information systems

Oh yeah, "modernize" again.

21. Integrating systems against biowarfare

And again

22. Duplication in securing the northern border

Or even securing the northern border at all against
drunk Canuck hunters.

23. Justice Department explosives investigations

Or maybe not suing the states when they try to do the job the Justice department
refuses to do.

24. Transportation Security Agency’s assessments of commercial trucking

Yeah. Just get rid of the whole TSA. Bad idea from another bunch of idiots called
the 9-11 commission.

25. Homeland Security can streamline information collecting with public transit agencies.

Streamline homeland security by erasing the whole bloated mall cop bureaucracy.

26. FEMA can improve oversight of grants

FEMA needs to downsized to one guy. Lock him in a closet with no computer and
tell him he's in charge of spare life preservers.

27. Duplicative development efforts in Afghanistan

Merge with New Orleans and Detroit development offices

28. Overlapping arms control bureaus

I'd say the ship's sailed on any arms control efforts a long
time ago. Good-bye

29. Administrative overlap on domestic food assistance

Replace them with a scale. If the client weighs over 300 lbs, kill
their food stamps. I estimate 75% reduction in costs.

30. Lack of coordination of federal homelessness programs

Lots of vacant homes in my neighborhood!

31. Waste in transportation programs for the disadvantaged

Lots of abandoned cars in my neighborhood!

32. Duplication in job training programs

Lots of "trained" out of work people in my neighborhood!

33. Multiple programs ensuring teacher quality

Yeah, how's that working our for everyone? Kill all of those programs.

34. Fragmented financial literacy programs

The government, who borrows 40 cents for every dollar it spends, is teaching financial
literacy. Seriously?

GAO Waste Report

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