Friday, August 26, 2011

Goshen College insults the men who secured their freedom of religion

A little known (OK unknown) Mennonite college in Indiana has decided that they will no longer allow the Star Spangled Banner to be played at their college. I'm not a fan of any people who come to this country for religious freedom and then spit all over those who provide that freedom to them. The Mennonites were kicked out of just about every country they went to. Except this one. And how to they pay that tolerance back? Well, they insult it by outlawing the Star Spangled banner. You, know, that little ditty that they play at military ceremonies and other events. That song symbolizes the blood of our fallen who decided that they were going to die defending the Constitution and thus the rights of all of us. At least, that's what the Star Spangled Banner means to me and a lot of other American Servicemen. So Mennonites I would like to exercise my freedom of speech, which unlike you I paid for by serving in the military by telling you something:


That's right. Get out of this country. Go somewhere else. You don't belong here. How's that for freedom of speech? How does it feel?


Goshen College sparks a fight over national anthem


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