Friday, August 19, 2011

The Liberal Elite and Love for America

Laura Ingraham writes in her book, the Obama Diaries that "I have often tried to figured out why liberals--especially Ivy League-educated liberal--have such a loving America unconditionally."

I'll tell you why.

America is like a child to me in some respects. If you have never sacrificed something for a child, nurtured that child, tried to make it a better human being...can you really love that child? Does a mother who only loves her child when the kid does something that makes her look good, or gives her a present, really love that child? Of course not.

And that's why an Ivy League educated liberal can never love America unconditionally. How many of them have really sacrificed anything significant, put their lives on the line for this country? How many of them would speak their mind if they might forfeit their lives for doing so? Look at their silence on items where the threat is almost non-existent such as the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy. Where were they? Scared into silence for the most part.

That's why they don't love this country. Oh, they'll all say they love it. Just like the sociopath mother will say she loves her child. But they really don't know what that word means.

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