Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Liberals are Terrorists

So tea party members are terrorists/responsible for the credit downgrade? At least they are according to the loony left. John Kerry coming to mind first. Lets look at the definition of terrorist:

"a person who terrorizes or frightens others"

From dictionary.com

For me, it's someone who is willing to destroy and kill for a political objective. Last time I looked, the tea party was trying to save this country. The liberals are trying to destroy it with uncontrolled spending. Their political objectives:

1) Separate you from your money (aka "paying your fair share, for the children" etc)
2) Redistribute your money via the govment (sic)

Unfortunately in this quest, they were unable to steal enough money. There was an idiot woman who lived next to me a few years ago who thought she could work part time and pay for a 380k lake house. When the idiot figured out she couldn't pay for her 380k lake house she ripped out her plumbing and moved out in the middle of the night. Leaving her neighbors to deal with the mess. She was a liberal too, by the way. So, now the liberals have figured out they can't work part time and pay for their 15 trillion dollar house, they are starting their exit strategy by ripping out the plumbing of the United States. Soon they will be moving out in the middle of the night, leaving us to deal with the mess. That's pretty terrible.

The Stunning Demonization of Fiscal Responsibility

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