Sunday, August 28, 2011 = Socialist

Patrick at put out a column a little bit ago claiming that:

Republicans Prevent Small Business Formation

Really? Because the present administration and his congressional friends are so friendly to small business? Obviously! They're totally kicking ass in starting small businesses. If your small business is repossessing cars and houses or selling furniture from failed Borders stores maybe. I'm gonna have to cry BS on this one Patrick. In Europizing the US, the Obamacrats have made it as hard to make it as a small business in the US as making it in Europe. But don't believe me, check out the biggest increases in small business failure rates by state here:

Small Business Failures

All five states with the biggest increases in small business failures are states with high Democratic/Liberal populations. As I stated before, most liberals are terrible businessmen and too damned dumb to run a hot dog stand. There are the stats to prove it.

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