Sunday, September 18, 2011

Givem what they want

Glenn Reynolds writes about a tax from the fifties on gross box office returns, and why we should give the Hollywood lefties the tax increases they are always clamoring for. A lot of the causes Hollywood supports require high taxes, so let them pay high taxes so they can feel better about themselves and their drug fueled pool orgies.

Or, you can pay $30 dollars a month, set up a seed box in Europe and seed torrents to take a bite out of Hollywood. Of course I don't condone copyright infringement. I condemn it in the strongest terms. Here, a horrible rat-bastard is explaining how to set up a seed box:

BT Dedicated Server Seedbox:

Spank yourself! You are killing Hollywood profits! Bad seeder. Think of all the cocaine and hookers you are taking out of the hands (and noses) of deserving liberal Hollywooders that have run the California government right into the ground. And that your tax dollars will inevitably have to pay to bail out. Whoa, wait a minute...I think I'm on to something here. They are already implicitly stealing from you. Is it OK to steal from a thief? The law says no, it is not OK. So don't do it! Bad seeder!

Here's Glenn's great piece:

Why the GOP should give Obama the higher taxes he wants

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