Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pericles turns over in grave...

Here in Athens, young and fashionably disheveled people are waving red flags and holding a demonstration while marching around the Syntagma, the Greek Constitution Square.
"Who are they?" I ask a young and pretty Athenian, while we're watching from a trendy coffee shop.
"I don't know." She replied with an empty shake of her empty head. "We see them every couple of days."

But I know. They're communists, protesting the austerity measures of the Socialist Greek Parliament. Too little austerity and too late. I wonder what they're chanting. I doubt it's what I'm thinking:
"We ran out of other people's money,
And we want more,
So I'm protesting that,
While we're about out the door!"

Not the smartest group I've ever seen. Meanwhile the Socialist Greek Parliament is voting in higher taxes for the overburdened few who are paying them. Those who are, are in the minority in the crazy and corrupt tax system. More Socialist bullshit.
Athens, in Pericles time rebuilt it's temples and the streets were lined with beautiful and stately homes of it's wealthy merchants. Now its filled with ugly squat tenements that surround the beautiful government buildings like the new Acropolis museum, a 200 million dollar salute to government, paid for by the people and existing for the government.
Meanwhile, the lefty CNN International here blares about evil Republicans back home stifling Greek style progress by the hero Barack Obama. Oh, what can be done! Also CNN International claims millions of people are up in arms about the execution of Troy Davis while not a one is defending his victim, a cop who Davis shot while the cop was defending Davis' intended victim. I'll speak for that cop. His name was Mark MacPhail. He's the only hero I've heard about, while Pericles is rolling over a few block away.

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