Friday, September 2, 2011

Who is Joseph Stiglitz

A left economic professor from Columbia tells us yet again how to run our budgetary process and how Bush mislead the country about war costs. Yet we all know what happens when these idiots with no common sense are allowed to run things. Obama has the most educated yet least experienced private sector guys around. How is he doing?

The real question is why these guys like Enron adviser Paul Krug and Stiglitz lack common sense? Common sense in this case being, if you don't want to be attacked/bullied you need to go after the bullies. Preferably with a Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Here's one explanation where Bruce Charlton of Medical Hypothesis calls these guys "Clever Sillies."

Does Super High IQ = Superlow Common Sense?

The problem with the "Clever Sillies" is there is a large group of Not so Clever Sillies that give credence to their silliness. This is not so hard to understand, they don't have a high IQ and they have no common sense. This is the majority of the Democratic party.

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