Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Government tries to use Sharepoint, and fails miserably

The other day I was told I had to use a government SharePoint site for my job known as MCEITS. The Marine Corps something IT something site. Immediately, my heart froze at the prospect of having to use another crappy DoD content management system. I approached the System Access Request with extreme caution. One mistake and I would face hours of frustration. Little was I to know, even though I filled out the extensive error prone online disaster of forms without a mistake...the admins would still sit on it until I emailed them and asked them WTF? Then they got off their ponderous fat asses and approved the request, a task that took them at least 10 seconds.

Then things got bad. I found out that you had to use your CAC card to access the site. This is almost the equivalent of a death sentence to a DoD web site. There are so many problems with accessing CAC sites that the people who thought of making the CAC site a DoD requirement need to be lined up against a wall and shot as traitors.

True to form, as soon as I got access to the site, the CAC security stuff slowed everything to a snail like crawl when it worked at all. Which was rare.

So if you are reading this, and you are one of those who jumped on the CAC enabled web site bandwagon please do the United States defense team a favor, and shoot yourself in the head. You have made this country weaker and more painful to live in. With a single blow of your bureaucratic bullshit horn. But, you are probably not reading this. Because your computer doesn't work.

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