Sunday, November 13, 2011

Arizona Repugnant Shows it's ass to the voters again

Even before I read the article I knew what the Republic was going to say when I saw the byline in the RSS feed:

Russell Pearce recall may indicate new political climate

I knew they would try and say that the reversal of fortunes for the left, evidenced by the Congressional vote last year, and the huge move to the right of state legislative houses would be over and Obama and the left would enjoy another four years to wreck this country. Sure as shit, the first words of the article are:

"Last week, voters nationwide said no to the right-wing efforts of some state political leaders."

I don't know why I should care. Obama and Nancy Pelosi are the best Republican recruiters we've ever had. And I'm pretty sure the country will survive the upcoming financial collapse that is almost inevitable at this point. The Democrats probably won't survive since they don't believe in guns, but maybe they will find belief when the guvmint checks stop coming and the wolf starts knocking on the door. When the fifty-three percenters who pay taxes stop paying for the forty-seven percenters. When will that day come?

I am the 53%

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