Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dick Moves

A while back my wife and I went on a shopping trip to buy a few items. First we went to Petco to buy some dog food. After I swiped my card through the reader I got this:

Donate $1 to homeless pets

Yes checkbox

No, I'm an asshole checkbox.

This is a dick move. I'm giving you money during a recession, and you are implicitly making me feel like an asshole. So, take heed. If I go to your business and you make me feel like an asshole, I will actively avoid you. It doesn't mean I'm not an asshole, I assure you I am. But you are a dick. And assholes and dicks should avoid each other.

Then we go to Fry's foods and an old lady assaults me for money outside the store to help Vets. I am a vet. When I told her that she gave me a nasty and disapproving look.

Dick move, Fry's foods. You are a dick, you stationed a nasty old lady outside your store who assaulted a vet for not giving money to other vets.

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