Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupying Hippies and the Suck

Ace of Spades has a great post about the Occupy Wall Street moment:

" any system or society, they would be on the bottom. In the socialist paradise they dream of, they'd be the drudges with the four-to-an-apartment situations.

They seem to think that if they change the way society values things, then they'll rise to the top. But they wouldn't. Because in any system, including socialism, you still have to do something to earn that top spot on the socialist gravy train.

The problems that beset them in a less-socialist system -- lack of discipline, lack of skills, lack of hygiene, lack of not sucking, etc. -- would still hamper them in the socialist paradise they clamor for."

See the entire post here:

Video of the Draaaamaaa

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