Friday, January 20, 2012

Panetta: Gut the military, give them classes on sexual harassment, and see what happens

Military commanders have to fight more and more to get training time. No longer. The Secretary of Defense is going to mandate sexual assault classes. Which have never done a damn thing to decrease the rate of sexual assaults. Good job, Panetta. Does he mean harm, is he stupid, or a bit of both? When I was with a line battalion in the Marines we did not have a single case of sexual assault or harassment in the entire battalion. Not one case. You know why? No woman, nobody to assault. Then I had to go to a reserve battalion with women in it. Sexual assaults all over the place. Same with the squadron that I served in that had women. Assaults, officers getting in trouble with fraternization charges, you name it, we had it. Of course you don't hear about the differences between units with women and without women in the media unless the media speaks about them in glowing terms.

Panetta: sex assaults are a ‘stain’ on military’s honor, new plans upcoming to curb assaults

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