Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fair Share Socialism

Lately we've been hearing a lot about people paying their "fair share" from Obama. This is the latest buzzword for socialism, socialism is a bad word nowadays. Mostly because it never worked. So now we have "fair share." People need to pay their "fair share" according to Obama. The problem is, is that someone's fair share is decided by the government. After they take their cut of course. And the penalty for not paying your "fair share" is going to prison.

You can't really take the moral high ground here for making someone pay their "fair share" because you are making that person pay, under threat of force and jail. So, what you are really doing is robbing that person. If that person is using more than their "fair share" of government services, then by all means, they should pay their "fair share." Maybe they have six kids, all going to a public school. Maybe they have a fleet of trucks that chew up the road a lot. In the case of the trucks, they are going to pay a larger licensing fee and weight fees, as they should. But when they have six kids, and are in a lower income level, are they going to pay more? Not even close. More likely, the person with no kids, in the house with the higher property value is going to pay for those six kids. So you're penalizing the person who doesn't have kids, and rewarding the person who had six and couldn't afford them. This is called the "fair share."

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