Friday, April 27, 2012

Bob Strait, Nonagenarian, War Hero savagely attacked in home. MSM remains silent

To the surprise of absolutely no one, we have to read about the attack of 90 year old Bob Strait and his wife in Tulsa in an English newspaper because the Main Stream Media didn't print the story. As John Mayer says in Waiting on the World to Change "...when they own the information, they can bend it all they want." Of course, Mayer's liberal news buddies are the ones doing all the bending.

RangerUp put out a you tube video pleading with John Stewart to get the information out their. While I applaud most of his video, he lost me at Stewart and Colbert. Colbert and Stewart are part of the problem, definitely not the solution.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Reagan vs. Obama

GSA Scandal Symptom of a larger problem

Naval Postgraduate School Alumni Ed Ross hypothesizes in this article that the GSA scandal (and the Secret Service Scandal) are symptoms of a larger problem in government and we shouldn't blame Obama for them. I have a differing viewpoint:

1) We should blame the Obama administration, he is ultimately the chief executive and ultimately responsible for everything the government does and fails to do

2) Obama (and the Democrats) entire paradigm of governing is dependent on the philosophy of elitism, the nanny-state, and other such Socialist nonsense. These failures and other government scandals such as Solyndra and the bailout failures repudiate this paradigm.

These failures seem to be coming about once every couple of weeks for the administration, so often now that the list of failures has grown to epic proportions.

President Obama's Hall of Blame

Friday, April 13, 2012

Out of Common Sense

In Out of Africa Jennifer Swift Morgan, an aid worker with the amount less common sense that it would take to fill a thimble moves with her husband and baby to a dung heap in Western Africa name Mali. And expresses shock and surprise when the country descends into chaos because they've had "...twenty years of elected civilian rule." WOW! Twenty years. That's like forever in Africa time. For those of you in the cheap seats who vote Democrat, here's some valuable advice. Don't move with your baby to Africa, or the Middle East. If you decide that you can make a difference and need to do so, don't drag your kids into it. Do them a favor, put them up for adoption. They have a better chance of surviving with total strangers, then with an idiot like you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obama: Merchant of Despair

Andrew Thomas and the arrogance of the Arizona Supreme Court

Recently we had a case in Arizona where the former County Attorney of Maricopa County was disbarred by the Arizona Supreme Court. Without going over every detail of the 247 page judgement, I would like to talk about what the Supreme Court said on pp 42:

"34. Mr. Thomas claims that the voting public’s “right to know” justifies his June 14, 2006 press release. Indeed, in his post-hearing memorandum, Mr. Thomas strenuously argues that his belief that the “voters” were “his ultimate client” to whom he owed his “ultimate loyalty” was both objectively and subjectively reasonable. He provides no authority, factual or legal, to support this proposition, which is not surprising. Mr. Thomas could not be more wrong."

The arrogance of the Supreme Court is astonishing. If the government's ultimate loyalty is not to the citizens of this country, then who the f&*k does it belong too? Maybe "voter" is not the exact word Thomas should have used, but we all know who he's talking about.

"He provides no authority, factual or legal, to support this proposition, which is not surprising. Mr. Thomas could not be more wrong."

He could not be more right, every document drawn up by the founding fathers drills this into this country's foundation, that the government ultimately belongs to, and serves at the pleasure of the People of the United States. What the hell do they need to "support this proposition?" If they don't understand this inconvenient truth they have no business judging anything.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Swedish Socialist Disaster, coming to a government near you

The Swedish Socialist Disaster, coming to a government near you

Holiday in Baltimore

Guess he should have brought his gun. Or not, he would have been tried for murder if he tried to defend himself:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The head of GSA goes stark, raving insane

Martha Johnson, the former vice president of the Council on Excellence in Government had to resign (or was she fired?) for her agency's gala in Las Vegas that cost the taxpayers a whopping $823,000.

The GSA, a government contracting agency that is in charge of developing cost minimizing policies had one hell of a party in Vegas. You go girl! The party even had a clown and a fortune teller. How did your fortune go, Martha? Martha is an Obama appointee, and reportedly, Obama is disgusted that Martha got caught. I'm disgusted that Obama had a four million dollar taxpayer funded vacation in Hawaii. So I don't know why Obama was disgusted, at least the GSA employees were pretending to work.

Read the full report here