Monday, April 23, 2012

GSA Scandal Symptom of a larger problem

Naval Postgraduate School Alumni Ed Ross hypothesizes in this article that the GSA scandal (and the Secret Service Scandal) are symptoms of a larger problem in government and we shouldn't blame Obama for them. I have a differing viewpoint:

1) We should blame the Obama administration, he is ultimately the chief executive and ultimately responsible for everything the government does and fails to do

2) Obama (and the Democrats) entire paradigm of governing is dependent on the philosophy of elitism, the nanny-state, and other such Socialist nonsense. These failures and other government scandals such as Solyndra and the bailout failures repudiate this paradigm.

These failures seem to be coming about once every couple of weeks for the administration, so often now that the list of failures has grown to epic proportions.

President Obama's Hall of Blame

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