Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama's 'Kill List' eerily similar to LBJ's personal approval of air targets

The New York Times (Democrat Talking Points) opinion piece (I'm not going to call anything they print journalism) has a piece about Obama taking personal control over the targeting of enemies by drone and listing the merits of each kill before making the decision. The piece:

tries to show what a thoughtful and considerate, yet firm wartime president Obama is. Yet this is the same type of poor wartime leadership that LBJ exhibited when he personally picked out air strike targets in Vietnam. I'll tell you why this is misleading:

1) It doesn't tell you which targets he is briefed on that later caused damage because he decided not to hit them when he was told they should be hit.

2) There is no way he can make an informed decision in a few minutes when military and intelligence analysts have spent months watching the potential targets to put them on the list.

3) Obama is not a military professional. He is a lawyer, who has spent his life making excuses for people (including himself) on why they should not be harmed, punished, or in this case, erased.

It was not an effective strategy in Vietnam, and it is not an effective strategy now.


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