Friday, July 13, 2012

Presidential Election Prediction...2012

All the polls have Romney and Obama down as neck and neck, tied, or with Obama leading. They will be like this until the election, with Obama leading or slightly leading.

Then, Romney will win by at least ten points.

All the news agencies and pollsters will come out with many reasons for this; some event right before the election influenced the election. People changed their minds at the last minute. Maybe a stupid remark that Obama made right before...everything but what really happened.

The reality is, is that Romney would be leading the polls by at least 10 points if they were being taken correctly. The polling system is administered and reported by a group of academics and reporters that consist of Democrats. By a ratio of 95% to 5% or 19:1.

They aren't getting it wrong. They are making it wrong. Just like they report on everything else.

Here is the puffington host asking why oh why do we Democrats always get it wrong???

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