Friday, October 11, 2013

Arizona Republic Fact Check=Crap Check

A few days ago, the Arizona Repugnant posted a "Fact Check" checking State representative Brenda Barton's statement that National Park Service employees were being paid overtime during the federal government shutdown, which they rated as 'mostly false.'

OK, let's say that it is 'mostly false.' Where is the Arizona Republic's articles on how the Park Service is being used by the administration to make the shutdown as painful as possible by the administration?

Where are the stories about people being forced out of their homes and businesses? Where are the stories about kids not getting cancer treatments? Where are the stories about NPR getting its funding but our soldiers who were slain in battle not getting their death benefits?

I'll tell you where they are, nowhere in the Arizona Republic.

And why? Why are they not printing the administration's despotic and dispicable actions during the phony shutdown. Because it is a phony shutdown, and they don't want people to understand what a worthless organization the federal government has become. And now the phony conservatives in Congress are caving in to the Despot.

Because the press is not only letting the Despot do these things, they are encouraging him.

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