Monday, October 21, 2013

The dangers of creating a permanent and large underclass, bread and circuses, Obamacare and Foodstamps

An AP news article today talks about 15 percent of US youth out of work and school. The U.S. Department of labor says the unemployment rate is seven percent, most of us who don't have tinfoil hats know the real rate is over twice that. The Democrats require a permanent under informed, underclass to promote class warfare and redistribution of wealth, along with the destruction of private property to further their Marxist  soft tyranny (Hat tip: the great Mark Levin and Alexis de Tocqueville) .

Of course danger in this situation, fueled with bread and circuses as the Romans patricians did in their time is what happens when the bread runs out and the created underclass can't eat the circus. What do they do then? Here in the United States they riot:

So, they question becomes, what happens then? What happens when the permanent underclass can no longer be fed lies, bread, and circuses? Panem et circenses? Revolutio?

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