Monday, October 28, 2013

Freedom from Fear

I was watching Fox News on Saturday and their was a panel member, some editor of USA Today, part of Obama's media shield go on and say that her own health care costs have increased dramatically under Obamacare. Then she went on to say she still supported Obamacare.

So we have a lot of the left who  are exposed to the higher costs and lower quality of Obamacare who are starting to change their mind about the law once it hits their pocketbook. Then we have this other collection of idiots (the people who changed their minds are a different class of idiots because they believed him in the first place) who still, even now, believe the US government can fix this mess. Don't be afraid, Uncle Sugar will fix it and take care of you.

They can't fix it, like Reagan said, they're the problem. What's the attraction? Why would you give up your freedom?

Freedom can be scary. Nobody is going to take care of you but you. There isn't a safety net if you have no family. But you have to survive. You have to succeed. Or you starve.

Then there is Socialism. Roosevelt talked about Freedom of Fear meaning the fear of being attacked by your neighbor. But did he also mean freedom from fear of failing? Failing in your job, failing to provide from your family?

This is Socialism. Freedom from Fear.

Fear sucks, don't get me wrong. But nature gave it to us for a reason. Without the fear of failure, we become Cuba, we become the Soviet Union. Big daddy will take care of you. Obamacare will take care of you. Socialism is the woman's dream of a husband taking care of them, the reason why so many weak men and rejects are attracted to the idea of Socialism. Stalin and his insecurities. Castro the illegitimate son of a farmer. The artists who are too disorganized to run their own lives.

The editor from USA today.

We need the fear of failure, without it, if we embrace Socialism, we can get enough to eat, your own little hut on the rice paddy.  But no progress. No space travel, no new technology. No pharmaceutical or medical breakthroughs. No real life. Embrace the fear. Take the chances, don't depend on what the government can do for you.

That way lies failure. That should be the real fear.

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