Friday, November 22, 2013

Arizona CPS: It still sucks and lawmakers are 'shocked'

Arizona's Child Protective Services is in the news again. Seems like they're in the news every year. Every year, another CPS scandal,  problem,  issue, disaster.

This has been going on as long as I remember in Arizona, and I remember back to the 70's. The problem with CPS, is that is is full of Social Workers. I have lived with these people first hand, and as a group, they are the biggest bunch of whining little bitches that I have ever had the displeasure of cohabitating with. And terrible parents. Two of the CPS workers in Arizona had kicked out their kids to relatives when the kids were 14 and 16.

Arizona has been trying to unscrew this agency for years, to no avail. Some of the 'reforms:'

A failed task force by worthless Jan Brewer:

Apparently they had some meetings. That's what the bureaucrats do. Meet. The last meeting on on that webpage was in 2011. The Arizona Repugnant says budget cutbacks gutted the agency. But that's what the Socialists always say. If its not working, just throw money at it:

And we have corruption by the embattled Director of CPS:

In some cases they just ignore reports of child abuse:

What's the best thing to do? Get law enforcement/military personnel  as CPS workers, not this pie in the sky, masters degree in sociology, psychology, or some other worthlessology. Law enforcement personnel know how to investigate, know when people are lying to them, and aren't intimidated by thuggish parents.

Send the ologies back to the scrap heap of worthless degrees along with the women studies, and communications majors.


Anonymous said...

My wife is a family law attorney in Phoenix and every time she deals with CPS they make the exact wrong decision for the welfare of the child.

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