Monday, November 18, 2013

Arizona Republic prints AP wishful thinking


GOP group money down, hints at donor uncertainty

The GOP will lose elections in 2014 because of the shutdown and Republican malaise

Mark Levin refers to them as the Associated Depressed

Liberal journalists, distraught over the failure of Obamacare will go into herculean efforts this year to try and dispirit and malign conservatives to game the elections. If the law continues on its current path of destroying American Health Care the Republicans will have a blow out in 2014, even worse than 2010.

And by the way, AP, NYT, and the rest of you socialist morons owe Ted Cruz an apology for all the crap you gave him when he did everything he could to protect us from this debacle, and you cheered it on right over the cliff. 

Good job, American media. 

Too bad we can't ship you off to Venezuela where you can stand in line for a week for a loaf of bread. But hey, soon it will be like that here where you can stand in line for a year to get an oncologist appointment. Unfortunately, you took us all with you. 

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