Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crony Capitalism, Statist Control, and Entitlement State..all rolled up in one big disaster called Obamacare

What is Obamacare?

A website/web app contract awarded to Michelle Obama's classmate's company on a three hundred million dollar no-bid contract. According to the Washington Post, CGI Federal "...but only started ramping up business after 2008." Gee, what a coincidence. It only started ramping up business with government entities after 2008. What happened in 2008? Oh yeah, that Socialist in the White House was elected. What a coincidence!

CGI Federal Contracts 2001-2013

On the entitlement state, Forbes writers Yaron Brook and Don Watkins asserted in 2011 that:

" a culture that revered individual responsibility and regarded being “on the dole” as shameful, formal charity was almost always a last resort. Typically people who hit tough times would first dip into their savings. They might take out loans and get their hands on whatever commercial credit was available. If that wasn't enough, they might insist that other family members enter the workforce."

That was America, before it became fashionable to be a victim on Oprah. Woe is all of us. 

Obama's approval ratings of 39% attest to that change in attitude. Thirty-nine percent of Americans still think he's doing a good job? Astonishing. People are saying that approval rating is low, what I'm saying with his track record, a de facto unemployment rate of over 14%, and people losing their health insurance policies after he told them multiple times they wouldn't and he still has thirty-nine percent?


So we have this perfect storm of chrony-capitalism coupled with an entitlement state population. I just saw Elysium with socialist Matt Damon as the working class hero, dukeing it out with capitalist evil woman played by Jodi Foster in a distopian future where the evil capitalists withheld medical care from the working class, and lived in a paradise far removed from the slums that supported them. 

Funny, that we should be evolving towards a distopian future where the evil statist ruling class elected by friends of Matt Damon and his ilk take our health care away and live in a prosperous city like Washington DC, where they don't have to abide by Obamacare. 

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