Tuesday, December 31, 2013

EPA forces APS to shutdown units...jobs go down and power rates rise

Thanks Obama:


APS has to raise it's rates, it has fewer resources now and will have to use more expensive methods to generate electricity. Who do the boobs who are dumb enough to pay for the Arizona Repugnant and make comments on the comment page blame for this? The power company of course. And the shutdown comes on the Indian reservation where the unemployment rate is already 50%.

But Earthjustice attorney Suma Peesepati says,"The closure is a great way to begin 2014."

Too bad we can't get Suma to crap some jobs and power out of her huge ass:


She also has a BA in French Literature, speaking of crap. Real contribution to society, that. It gets better. Apparently  Suma came down here from Canada. So, first her family has to immigrate from some Socialist nightmare in Asia to Canada. Then, she leaves Socialist Canada and comes down here to crap up the place. So tell me Suma, after you and your fellow Marxists get done making Amerika, where will you go then?

Do us all a favor, and leave now. We have enough French Literature reading, Earthjustice leaning, Marxist turds sucking money out of our bank accounts and going down to Antarctica to get stuck in some ice trying to prove the ice sheets are melting. Oh, that's the Australian Marxists turds, isn't it?

What's the difference?

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