Friday, January 17, 2014

Arizona Repugnant casting same old lie that internet sales are killing brick and mortar establishments

The crap-piece is here:

Where they're whining about Macy's closing it's Fiesta Mall location and quote Mesa Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh's whine about no tax internet sales killing brick and mortar businesses. I have two things to say about the idiot that said it, and the idiots at the Republic that repeat it:

1) Our idiot governor IS assessing taxes on internet sales through Amazon so the state can pay for our worthless CPS agency, public non-education where we can't send our kids or they'll get knifed, and other nefarious and worthless endeavors. Thanks for that little gift Jan.

2) Macy' sand everyone else has left Fiesta Mall, because Fiesta Mall (and Metrocenter too) are in the ghetto, not because of Nobody wants to get shot while buying a pair of shoes. And ghetto rats steal shoes, they don't buy them. Whenever we go to Chandler Fashion mall or one of the non-ghetto rat malls they're packed. We can't even find a damn parking spot. So my suggestion to that idiot Kavanaugh and the Repugnant is, if you want vibrant shopping in your area I suggest you take steps to not let it go ghetto. Just a suggestion.

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