Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brewer scraps CPS, channel 12 idiots want old worthless CPS workers to keep their job

Stories here:

And here are the main stream media idiots asking about whether the CPS idiots will keep their jobs:

No mention of whether the workers should be fired if they're the incompetent morons that caused the problems. If they do keep them, surprise, there will be no changes at the new agency. Crap in = Crap out. Of course they quote a democrat moron (State Rep. Debbie McCune) with the same old Socialist spiel that they didn't have enough money. Oddly enough, Rep McCune has a BS in Sociology, and has a history of being a community relations specialist. Sound familiar?

Who is this Rep. McCune, that channel 12 interviewed? She has been a career politician in Arizona since 1979, so she has been around for almost the entire thirty years of CPS tomfoolery and the best thing she can come up with, is "they didn't have enough money." Me thinks we need to start talking about term limits in Arizona.

Here's a summary of Rep. McCune's Goldwater Institute 2013 scores:
Education: D+
Constitutional Government: F+
Tax and Budget: C

No wonder she picked sociology as a major. Electrical Engineering is out.

Rep McCune has won another prize: the Goldwater Institute's prize for being in the bottom five. Congrats! Perhaps you belong somewhere else. I suggest you go back to Pennsylvania. Or go north to Canada.

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