Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aging self absorbed socialist crone crying

I'm sure you've all hear about the traitor Jane Fonda crying because she doesn't have much time left. I think she should be crying because we made her stay in North Vietnam after she gave aid and comfort to our enemies. I think she should be crying because after we didn't allow her to return to U.S. soil, or any other county besides North Vietnam and parents tell stories about that traitorous self absorbed bitch who has to live in a grass hut and wear a cone hat because she decided to support the enemy who was torturing and killing my brothers in the service, the ones who gave their all so that the nasty bitch could sleep in her Beverly Hills palace. I think she should be crying because for the last forty-five years she's been knee deep in mud, arguing with the local commissar about how much rice she picked that day. I think she should be crying because she had to live in Vietnam for forty-five years and she looks like a dried up old crone, because they didn't have plastic surgeons in Vietnam, they didn't have fitness coaches and spas, they didn't have exercise regimes and tanning beds. You got a tan by leading your water buffalo around, and your skin looks like a dried up apple after ten years of working in the fields because they didn't have sun screen. I think she should be crying because after Vietnam opened its doors to the West, she still wasn't allowed back home and American tourists visit her hut and take pictures and laugh at the old socialist crone who had it all, and then threw it away like the spoiled little bitch she was. I don't think she should have gotten an opportunity to cry for being 76 years old and her time is up. There's a long line of my brothers in the afterlife crying because their time was up at 19 years on this Earth, and they were killed on the battlefield, their last thoughts were of their mother, blood, and pain. It's too bad we couldn't give her a real reason to cry.

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