Sunday, February 2, 2014

Origins: Non-debate Parallel Realities at ASU Gamage Auditorium

So I went to this event at ASU Gammage last night: Great Debate Parallel Realities: Probing Fundamental Physics:

I was pretty stoked about it, because I thought they were going to talk about the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and maybe some arguments for the Hidden Variables Interpretation, and even the Copenhagen Interpretation. Instead we got:

A European female physicist with a slick presentation, but little substance about the Higgs boson and life at the CERN particle accelerator.

A female astrophysicist with another slick presentation about dark matter with no real substance like, I dunno, why do we suspect it's existence (the rotational velocity of the galaxies is too fast, even I know that!) alternatives, etc.

Both the women at the presentation were invited because they were women, achievements on their end were pretty thin I would say. Their talks, certainly were thin.

An astronomer, who did work on the team that discovered the galaxies were accelerating away from each other which produced speculation about dark energy, his presentation was pretty unremarkable also.

David Gross, who actually gave a good presentation about Standard Model physics and how a lot of this fit together. His was the only decent lecture.

Lawrence Krauss, who kept pushing his atheist views with a mantra "by chance alone" and "caused by nothing" along with socialist politics on the audience. Which wouldn't have been as bad if he actually bothered to say anything substantive about the issue at hand, or WHY he thinks this is all chance. You know, do that scientist thing and forward a hypothesis backed by some experimental data.

This is why a lot of science in this country is in trouble, because of this kind of pseudo-science, philosophic, belly-button lint-picking mental masturbation. When the scientists refuse to do that scientist thing.

 So, Krauss isn't a scientist, he's a politician, and a half-ass anti-theologian at best. I'm not a religious man by any means. But I like cosmology in my cosmology lectures, if that's not too damn much trouble.

So my advice, Phoenicians is the next time you want to go to a real physics lecture, go down to the U of A, or make sure it's not sponsored by, nor contains that idiot Krauss.

And Krauss, get a job with MSNBC or something. The thought that Krauss gets a nice little chunk of my Arizona State taxes with his day job doing not a whole lot at that center for physics mediocrity known as Arizona State University makes me want to vomit large quantities of Higg's Bosons.

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