Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Decline of Navy Federal Credit Union

I've been a member of NFCU for twenty years now. When I came onboard in the nineties as a second lieutenant, they had great service, the best rates, and were much more professional than the small military credit unions scattered around bases across the country.

Unfortunately, the officers that ran NFCU figured out that if they grew the membership, they could grow their bonuses without attracting too much attention. Navy Fed is a non-profit, which means you can put money made by the outfit in three places; the credit union, the members accounts, or your own pockets in the form of pay and bonuses. In the case of NFCU the CEO's total compensation was 1.2 million according to Business Week:

Not bad for a non-profit. After aggressively pursuing this member expansion policy over the last fifteen years, NFCU's service has progressively deteriorated to the point where their reviews and ratings on Yelp have slipped into the 'suck' category:

As the Obama administration and the statists have their way, their membership will start declining with the end-strength military numbers, Navy Fed's leadership will start pulling all-types of hi-jinks so their leadership can keep their compensation levels as high as possible. We are also seeing the same type of behavior over at USAA, for the same reasons. USAA's CEO Joe Robles saw the writing on the wall, along with the news that some Federal Regulators are riding into San Antonio this spring and recently announced his retirement.

How will this end? Probably with Geico or another conglomerate buying USAA's insurance business and NFCU and USAA banks bought off by Bank of America to run as a military discount division, or some other crap. The end state is, the once proud outfits of USAA and NFCU, were run into the ground by the greed and stupidity of the generals and the admirals who were Pentagon PowerPoint Warriors.

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