Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mangina Impersonates Female on OK Cupid, Finds Lack of Quality Men

You really can't make this stuff up. I've written a post before about the Mangina Dylan Love on the failing site Business Outsider, heretofor I shall call it Capitalism Outsider. The magazine for insider business hints, that is failing as a business.

In his interest to share his business insider secrets, the Mangina Dylan Love decided to become a female on OK Cupid.

Probably, not much of a stretch. I'm trying to connect the dots and figure out the business angle here, all I could come up with is a woman, trying to start her own cottage business by getting dates online, soaking men for cash, then moving on.

But that never happens.

Here's an excerpt from the Mangina's article:

"Part of me was disappointed in the lack of effort and sincerity that so many of my fellow men exercised in communicating with me, a supposed female Brooklynite who's single and looking. How do you wade through all the verbal vomit that comes at you through your inbox?"

I object to his term "my fellow men." If you're not a man, how can you say that?

In any case, I have a suggestion. If you're a man, don't bother, check out, and turn it off. Internet dating was a disaster for me, when I was single. When I say it was a disaster, I mean that I would constantly find women who thought they were far hotter than they were. So, say I'm a 7.5, 45 years old, no kids, divorced, and made 150k a year. Here's who would answer my queries, if they bothered at all:

Looks: 4-7 tops, average 5.5, two points below me, usually overweight, career: non-existent. Usually had one-six kids. If they didn't have a kid, they had never been married, and had serious daddy issues/feminist bullshit issues which made them undateable. Or as Popps says, "A walk off the lot." Future cat ladies.

Karen Straughan talked about an OKCupid story where the women rated 80% of men below average. Before I had watched her excellent video, I didn't understand why, as a man who was in good shape, looked good, and made good money would have a problem finding a woman online in my class-group. Now, I know the reason.

 Because of the amount of hits the women get, a woman who is a 7.5, is probably only going to answer a man who's a 9.5, close to the top of the scale. And that's for a 7.5 woman that works as a waitress or something. If they have a career too, they're probably looking for that dude who plays the most interesting man in the world, or something along those lines. Because of the nature of the internet, if you have a job to offer, or in this case a vagina, you're going to be bombarded with applicants like you're some kind of rock star. The problem with this, is that the woman is going to wade through three hundred applicants, where almost none are 'qualified' in her opinion. And the few that are qualified, according to her ridiculously inflated criteria, are lying their asses off. So the woman or HR department (pretty much the same, really) are going to end up picking/hiring some asshole, who is actually lower on the scale than they are. If the woman does get a nine, he'll bang them and never call her. Why would he call her after? There is more evidence that this is the normal outcome, than there is for quantum tunneling. And there's a shitload of evidence for quantum tunneling. 

 Quantum tunneling is a quantum mechanical effect where an particle will overcome an energy barrier sometimes, even when it's energy state is lower than the barrier. I shall humbly call this dating effect, the Anonymous Contractor Internet Dating tunneling effect. ACID tunneling for short.

Reject the ACID tunnel! Sounds like it hurts, neh? These dating sites can't exist without men, so I suggest you stop using them, if you're a man. If you're a mangina, by all means, ACID tunnel to your hearts content, especially if you're pretending to be a woman on the site. Hell, you're already pretending to be a woman in real life if you're a mangina, why not in the virtual too?

 The women on the sites, will have to get off their fat asses and go out and meet someone face-to-face, where hiding your shit is a lot harder. Call it a win-win.

Here is a perfect example of this in effect. Here, we have a disgusting, fat, pile of corpulence  with obnoxious red feminist hair and glasses accouterments, who no one in their right mind would ever consider procreating with, unless they just ran out of Thorazine:

Here is what she put on her dating profile, and facebook:

I'm not kidding. Her facebook profile has since been removed, when members of the manosphere pointed out the hypocrisy. Oh, and her listed body type? Average. Can you imagine the horror of showing up, expecting a date with the woman on the bottom, and Godzilla shows up instead? Talk about a cure for overpopulation. That woman is a poster child for birth control. If she has a green agenda and wants to limit human reproduction, ya gotta admit, she's onto something.

Now, the final deuce. A famous thread featuring what's out there in the dating world, the famous Online-Girl Hamster thread. You better pack a lunch, because you're gonna be here all day:

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