Monday, May 26, 2014

Google craps on the Men who died for them, no doodle for Memorial Day

Today, we honor the men who died fighting for this country, on the day known as Memorial Day.  Except for Susan Sarandon, Obama (although I'm sure he'll fake it), the liberals in San Francisco who will find a vet at the airport returning from Afghanistan to spit on, and Google, who will find every obscure cause you've never heard of to honor on their webpage, except the men who gave their all.

All these turds who would rather celebrate the American Taliban (who is also from the Bay area...go figure) will NOT honor the brave men (and two women) who died for their freedom, which they are freely giving away to the federal leviathan in the name of Socialism, and all that is unholy, so help me Marx.

To all of you, who revile the American Servicemen, who caused the VA nightmare because of your apathy, who reward our enemies, and punish our friends, I hope you get what you deserve. A Socialist dystopia, where you have no freedoms left to give away. And when you look across the river, and see the shining towers in the land of the free, may you weep for your loss. But, you'll probably just whine and try to pin it on the free men who were still brave enough to fought for their own freedom, for that is the way of the passive aggressive victimized little socialist bitch, known as the progressive.

May your lamentations rise into the night, like the music of failure.

*Correction, apparently Google has gotten sensitive about the criticism and added a small flag and ribbon to the bottom of their page. Better late than never, although why do they have to be shamed into it? Because they don't give a crap, that's why.

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