Friday, May 30, 2014

Salon Feminist Supporter manages to find way to blame men for #killallmen Hashtag Conversation

Yep, no joke:

Other Salon articles by this idiot, Mary Elizabeth Williams:

It's OK to like an abortion clinic

Too bad your mom didn't

A fetus is more than "goo"

Not if you like abortion clinics

Beck's "Blaze" thinks college rape is hilarious

You know what's really hilarious? The nasty slore that made up a rape charge against a brother Marine of mine while they were in college.

An abortion goes viral

Are we noticing a common theme here?

We have to fight for the right to die

You're right, I think you should make your own statement on that issue. 

 Want to change the world, build a better maxi pad

Seems to me like you're writing for a maxi pad

Micheal Sam is the future of football

And you know that because of your huge football statistics library, and knowledge of ARIMA forecasting techniques. Isn't it for hard to have any future if all we have are homosexuals and abortion clinics? Just asking.

The Raiders' unbelievably sexist cheerleader handbook

If they had written an abortion and right to die handbook, you'd be their biggest cheerleader.

When antiabortion law hurts a grieving family: Texas denies brain-dead pregnant woman's rights

I knew you could do it Mary. You got abortion and right to die in one article. If you'd gotten a gay NFL football player in there, it would've been a trifecta!

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