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Special Privileges for Women in the Military

The other day, I saw one of these for the first time:

So the women veterans in Arizona get a special license plate?

Can you imagine the outcry, if male veterans, or male anything got their own special license plate in Arizona, or anywhere else? The lawsuits? The shows and articles in the mainstream media decrying the misogynist state of Arizona, where the patriarchy has set it up so men get their own license plate?

This is complete crap. But, it gets better, there is a center for women's veterans:

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a National Center for Women Veterans

Their website states: The mission of the Center for Women Veterans is to ensure that:
  • Women veterans have access to VA benefits and services on par with male veterans.
  • VA programs are responsive to gender-specific needs of women veterans.
  • Outreach is performed to improve women veterans' awareness of services, benefits, and eligibility criteria.
  • Women veterans are treated with dignity and respect

Which is even more crap. I wonder if they get the same crappy treatment as the men do at the Phoenix VA. I doubt it, I'm sure they get better treatment than the men. I couldn't find a single case in the media of a woman vet who died waiting for care at the VA.

But wait, it gets better, if you get this woman veteran license plate :

"$17 goes to a special account in the Arizona Veterans’ Donation Fund to assist homeless women veterans."

Can you imagine if we came up with a state-sponsored program, where money goes to homeless men veterans, but not woman? Can you imagine the outcry, Eric Holder suing the State, the Nasty Organization for Bitches, or NOB, picketing the state capital? But they do this kind of crap, and nobody says a damn thing.

In 2010 the National Coalition for homeless veterans estimated that there were 3,328 female homeless veterans in the US. HUD estimates that there are 55.000 homeless male veterans. But hey, we need special treatment for the 3,328 women homeless veterans. If there even are that many.

By the way, listen to these knuckleheads at Journeymen pictures claim that there are 55,000 homeless female veterans across the country:

They're only off by an order of magnitude or so, but who cares about numbers when you're making shit up anyway?

Who the hell are these clowns at Journeymen pictures? According to their website:

For over twenty years Journeyman has distributed and co-produced, provocative, profound and original factual content

Well, maybe they got the twenty years right. But if their dates are off  as far on that as they are on their homeless numbers, then they've only been doing it for a few months. And I find their stories as profound as the farts I get, when I drink too much beer. No offense.

Why do women veterans get special treatment here? Did they earn it by sacrificing themselves more? Let's look at U.S. Troop casualties in Iraq, up to 2012:
4,487, 98% male. That means 90 women. Let's take a look at what that looks like:

Do the male veterans deserve this kind of treatment, given their sacrifice? And no one, no one has said a damn thing about this outrage. What do the Afghanistan casualties look like?

Pretty much the same. The fact that men have to shoulder 98% of the burden, and are insulted in this way is completely unsat.

But wait, there's more. Did you know, that there is a Women in Military Service for America Memorial?

There is, in Arlington National Cemetery:

Now I'm not detracting from women in the service, I'm just telling you it's complete crap that they get special privileges and honors. Is there a Men in Military Service for America memorial? No. This is all we get:

By the way, Arlington is a sacred place for our honored dead, that died heroically for this country, regardless of whether they were men or women. But, 98% of them are men. And for this place to be defiled by this bullshit monument is a complete outrage. In my mind, that monument to special privilege without sacrifice deserves a C4 enema.

Speaking of bullshit, here's some complete bullshit from NPR, about women veterans, about a female veteran who is bitching about not getting special priveledges:

"Many female veterans share Montoya's anger. They join the military for the same reasons men do—to escape dead-end towns or dysfunctional families, to pay for college or seek adventure, to follow their ideals or find a career—only to find themselves denigrated and sexually hounded by many of the "brothers" on whom they are supposed to rely. And when they go to war, this harassment does not necessarily stop. The double traumas of combat and sexual persecution may be why a 2008 RAND study found that female veterans are suffering double the rates of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder for their male counterparts."

So, NPR is claiming that women veterans are suffering double the rates of depression and PTSD because they are getting sexually harassed, AND are in combat. Well, since almost none of them ARE in combat, I have a different theory. They are claiming depression and PTSD at twice the rates of male veterans so they can get the cash. And they get a special office to do so, while the males are dying in line at the VA. If you haven't been in the trauma of combat, how do you get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Somebody bullying you on Twitter maybe?

And NPR equating combat with sexual harassment is ludicrous to say the least. This is where you contributions and tax dollars for PBS go to, these kinds of retarded claims. This is complete and utter crap. "Double traumas of combat and sexual persecution." Sexual persecution? Really PBS. And then PBS says, "only to find themselves denigrated and sexually hounded by many of the "brothers" on whom they are supposed to rely." Oh really? This is nothing but an insult to our fighting men by those pieces of crap over at PBS, who in no way, shape, or form deserve the umbrella of protection that the American fighting MAN gives them. These are the people that say "we support the troops" out of one side of their mouths, and in the next sentence, "only to find themselves denigrated and sexually hounded by many of the "brothers" on whom they are supposed to rely."

Who is this idiot writing this piece? Why, that would be Helen Benedict of the Columbia University's School of Journalism. 

Quite a looker, isn't she? Is it just my imagination, or do these unibrow, New York Feminists from Columbia have to get a certificate in hideous to join this club? Just askin.

Maybe it should be Helen Benedict Arnold. What else has Helen Benedict Arnold written?

Ms. Magazine: "The Scandal of Military Rape." Fall, 2008
In These Times: "Why Soldiers Rape." Aug. 13, 2008.
BBC News: "Women at War Face Sexual Violence." April 17, 2009 

Cause it's all about the rape culture, isn't it Helen Benedict Arnold? Unfortunately, Helen hasn't had much to write about in the last four years apparently, so she's stuck just indoctrinating future feminists over there at Columbia. I didn't see a single article on her website about the thousands of men who died for their country, but why would she write about that,we're all rapists, aren't we?

Here in Phoenix we have a special shelter for female homeless veterans:

According to the article titled Homeless female veterans recover at unique Phoenix facility, the shelter is for homeless, AND at-risk female veterans, whatever that means.

And they have 15 women at the shelter. Wow! Fifteen women! No word on how many are homeless and how many are "at risk."

Here's some other National Organization for Bitches spokeswoman, complaining about female veterans not getting special privileges:

"I would like to see female veterans receive the same recognition as the male veterans. Way too often the emphasis has been on the male veterans, along with their concerns and accomplishments. Rarely does HQ or even my employer recognize the contributions to this country that female veterans have provided."

I don't remember there being male veteran homeless shelters, or male veteran license plates, or male veteran anything. You don't want equality, you want it so everything is equal, but more equal for woman veterans right? And even if it were true that woman veterans don't get recognition, the men here are sacrificing life and limb, at a rate of over fifty times the female rate.

Here's something from the Unites States Department of Labor website:

"We must do a better job of informing employers that veterans, especially minority and female veterans, bring many valuable experiences and skills to the workplace."

Oh, ESPECIALLY female veterans. Well, as a white male veteran, I guess I'm just shit-out-of luck.

And, just a few days ago, those soft-headed gerbils in California, that bastion of military service, with claims to fame such as the American Taliban, have come up with a:

2014 California Veterans Conference: Summit on Women Veterans

And, last, but not least, here is the VA's Center for Women Veterans:

"2014 Champions of Change

On Tuesday, March 25, 2014 the White House honored ten leaders who are “Women Veteran Leader Champions of Change.”  The event recognized women Veteran industry leaders, highlighting their incredible contributions to our nation's business, public, and community service sectors."

Champions of Change. What kind of change? Fundamental change? Let me ask you something...if you love something...or you want to fundamentally change it? And what's it going to look like, if you change it? Will it look like something that rewards the 98% of veterans that risk their lives. Or, will it give SPECIAL attention, to those that sacrifice the least?

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